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Supramental Grace Boon


September 22,  2001

  • From 1967 onwards the world governments are under the spell of the Supramental power.
  • What comes from grace comes to us through the society.
  • About the high and the low, whatever is professed, the high does not want the low to rise and the low desires the high to come down to its level.
  • The truth is the low cannot rise without the high rising further. The high cannot rise further without the low rising considerably.
  • Human ideals and human nature are in conflict.
  • Computer and Internet are the latest boons of technology.
  • In the past, say in 1950, the people who won awards and rose in national status did not do so because of their deserts. They did so by their official status, which has nothing to do with one's inner worth.
  • In addition, the amount of information gave the power to rise.
  • Either by the nature of things or by human secrecy of smallness this information was not available to all.
  • One who has won an international award on the strength of his information - Knowledge -often got it by his official position or because he kept it secret from others by his choice of narrow-mindedness.
  • Today all such information is available on the Internet for those who have passed out of the college now.
  • Hereafter such information is public. Awards cannot be secured because of information, but only on the basis of service.
  • Housing in India was started in 1965 and has progressed by leaps and bounds. This is made possible by the mortgage system through Housing Boards.
  • This enables young people to own a house at the beginning of their career.
  • To own a house at the end of a career was not given to everyone in the previous generation.
  • We see children getting as the first month's salary what their parents got at the time of retirement.
  • The same phenomenon is seen in TV, phone, car, and education.
  • At least a section of the lower middle class is more prosperous than fifty years ago.
  • The direct consequence of this is at the higher levels of the society millionaires and their number are equally increasing.
  • Upward movement in one level is accompanied by the upward movement at another level. This is inevitable.
  • If Internet offers to all education at any level from high school to that of the expert, what does it imply for the higher levels of pure knowledge?
  • In a century, one or two geniuses are born.
  • Now this many will be produced every year.
  • The one Ph.D. in 1865 in the whole of USA has now become 40,000 a year. A Ph.D. in those days was almost an equivalent to being a genius.
  • This surge in the movement of education will open the higher levels of knowledge - pure knowledge - to produce geniuses by the hundreds and thousands.
  • Information is given by the society, intelligence is psychological, the Spirit gives intuition.
  • An intelligent person will be benefited by information.
  • A spiritual person's intelligence will vastly increase.
  • Mother gives us Intuition.
  • Society comes through technology and instruments.
  • Intelligence rises by psychological aspiration.
  • Genius is intelligence rising to intuition.
  • He who exhausts the information society gives at the maximum level of his intelligence will cross over to intuition.
  • Mother begins with intuition and comes down to intelligence.

story | by Dr. Radut