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The Child is an Extension of Man


August 23, 2001

  • The truth of the child is that there is a self-conceptive extension of Man which works itself out in life as a miniature body.
  • The child is an object of man's consciousness.
  • The mind and life of the parents in their creative action have created the child.
  • It was done by the action of physical separation from the mother and the vital attachment of the parents.
  • But this child, like the thought and life of the parents, is still the parents in their self-creative action.
  • The child is the form of the force of the conscious parents.
  • This form is given by the mental urge and vital sensation.
  • The child holds within itself its own reality of consciousness concealed from itself, involved and absorbed in the result of its own self-formation and therefore self-oblivious.
  • The child is incapable of movement and is void of sensible response.
  • Yet, to the secret experience of the consciousness of the parents hidden within it, it is the delight of being offering itself to this secret consciousness as object of sensation.
  • The child tempts that hidden consciousness to reach the secret godhead within it.
  • Man is manifest as child.
  • Force of man cast into form of child.
  • The child is a figured self-representation of Man's secret self-consciousness.
  • The child is the delight offering itself to its own parents as an object - what is it if it is not the man himself?
  • The child is Man represented to his own mental experience as a formal basis of objective knowledge, action and delight of experience.

So, also man's career is his psychological child, and therefore it is in his full control even as the child is under his control and matter is under the control of Being.

story | by Dr. Radut