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The Higher Power of Thought

  • Ordinary understanding is by hearing the facts. A better understanding is in reference to what we know already. Academic understanding is to abstract the idea from the speech. It has the virtue of becoming dry and divorced from its own reality.

Apart from all this, we understand through opinions, ideas and powerfully through concepts. To be able to understand above the concepts into which the speech could go or outside the framework of concepts, is to understand the whole of it with its power, if not all the power it carries.

  • When Mother says QUIET the mind, She means this at least partially.
  • The Full Power of Thought, if there is one, is its original spiritual Light. It comes down to material light. Next it becomes vision. In between is Intuition.
  • Everyone, though they may appear to talk merely, becomes a mouthpiece of the FORCE. That force will be distorted by their personality. Should you succeed in weaning away yourself from your mental training, -- i.e. be SILENT - you are, in the measure of that success, likely to receive some of that Force.
  • That is the stage where the great power of thought is seen in its least effectivity.
  • Silence in the mind, stillness in the body, opening in the soul are necessary.
Replace sarcasm by silent admiration of another's idealism

story | by Dr. Radut