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The Theory Of Transformation - Invalidism


January 14, 1994

   We accept any invalidism as a defect or as resulting from Karma and try to do our best in the circumstances. There are rare instances like Helen Keller who took her blindness as a challenge and attained world fame. Mother adores that spirit of challenge. Her attitude to invalidism will go a step further and promises higher results than obtained by Helen Keller.

   Let us take the theory of karma and examine invalidism from that angle. An act in an earlier birth now resulted in this invalid condition. Now, if one has faith in Mother, even faith in spirit, this faith is capable of dissolving karma. Our devotees have often witnessed the dissolving of karmic effect through faith in Mother. Should the invalid have FAITH in Mother, his invalid condition will disappear. I can say that with a sense of finality but cannot say how. Mother says perseverance creates faith. As you have that in abundance, you will certainly generate faith and be rid of this present condition.

   From  another side, it is said that the soul often chooses to have a certain experience -- an experience of incurable disease, poverty etc. -- and therefore no worldly remedy will remove what the soul has chosen to enjoy. It is true. Mother abridges Time. If the soul has taken this birth to experience say 50 or 70 years of invalid life, accepting Mother in life will abridge that period into 5 or 7 years at the end of which the invalid condition will disappear.

   Mother NEVER fails to grant what anyone deeply prays for. If the invalid person begins to pray for a variety of reasons, the prayer will level off at a certain point. It may be inability to pray, or unwillingness to pray or lack of faith or any other attendant condition. At that point, one needs to know that the prayer levels off and be willing to raise its intensity. Should he do so, he will see the prayer deepening. Continuing this to the depth where the invalidism is lodged, one begins to have outer results.

   Dissolving karma, abridging the period of the soul's chosen experience, generating faith, deepening the faith to match the problem, accepting it as a challenge are ways and methods by which the invalid condition can be overcome and got rid of.

   Whichever way you choose, the result is assured.

   What brings the result is not so much the effort as

   the quality of the endeavour.

story | by Dr. Radut