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079. The Three Aspects of a Token Experiment

When one launches himself on the path of calling the Spirit into one's life, life turns into Luck, failure that alternates with success changes into unfailing success. I have suggested a token experiment to know this great truth of life, as it is unbelievable or inconceivable in the ordinary state of our mind. Earlier, I said no industry in India today need fail, the government can offer guaranteed employment, India can move to be a middle income country, vision 2020 is NOT a dream, but can be realised earlier, punctuality is abundant prosperity, karma dissolves before the Spirit that emerges, a losing concern this month can change into a profitable concern next month and in short, the Impossible can become possible.


The Indian can do this better than others, as his body carries the light of the Rishis, he was once a person of utter Truthfulness, and the roots of democratic Spirit are deeply embedded in the Indian nation.

  • The POWER of this experiment lies in the shift from life to Spirit, Nature to Being, mind to faith.
  • The amplitude of that Power lies in the thoroughness of the efficiency that exhausts one's energies.
  • The measure of the result lies in the silent, unexpectant patience that is calm and QUIET.

The above idea explained in Spiritual terminology lends itself to be cast into the common man's language intelligible to everyone. When the heart overflows with GOODWILL for another to be ushered into Luck and it rejoices at his becoming lucky, the Spirit without his invoking emerges from inside his own being and never leaves him thereafter

story | by Dr. Radut