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011. Three-Day Prayer

The Spirit is invoked in several ways. One method that is wholly suitable to the uninitiated is prayer, especially if it is undertaken for three full days. This is a suitable method to solve problems or avail of opportunities.

Problems often present themselves. Some are a bother, others are a threat. A boy who has turned fugitive, a sum of money lent long ago, an electric connection not available for a long time, etc. qualify as household problems. One who is a diligent worker is overlooked when the time for promotion arrives. This is a major problem of career. It is true that the Spirit, when invoked ONCE, dissolves the problem.  Why, then, should we sit and pray for 72 hours or 12 hours on each of the three consecutive days? It is because the lay person does not generate enough concentration to invoke the Spirit once unless he sits quiet for three full days.

The Spirit emerges once or a few times when the mind falls silent in a quiet body. Practically, one choose three free days and sits for 12 hours during the day, say 7 am to 7 pm except for the break for meals. He must formulate his prayer in concise words such as, "My boy should return." It is done better in the mother tongue and goes on silently repeating in his mind.

No one who has resorted to this method failed to arrive at the result. Often the result arrives before three days are over and he wonders whether the ritual of the three days must be fulfilled. It is not necessary. In some rare cases, maybe three or four, the results arrived before the sitting was commenced.

The Spirit comes to the surface in response to the truth of calling. Sincerity to the inner Spirit dispenses with the prolonged sitting.

story | by Dr. Radut