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001. The Time has come

Men work for a long time to raise a nation or a family or to turn a losing company into a profitable one. Often they succeed. When they do not succeed, they say, 'the Time has not come'. The spiritual truth about such a situation is that Man can make the Time come.  

Such a moment has come now in the world. This is not an idea man is familiar with. Still, it is not very difficult to explain as several such events are happening around us and all over the world. Stated simply,

  • Functioning from Mind, man waits for the Time to come.
  • Functioning from the Spirit, Man makes the TIME come.

Someone may say, "Well, I am in a similar situation. I am in utter despair. These words offer some hope. Will you make it intelligible to me? Rather, I would want to know what I can do practically in my situation to emerge out of it."  My immediate answer is, "If you understand this idea and believe in the TRUTH behind it, you will see your situation of despair will at once become less desperate and will continue to improve."

Obviously, this needs a true example. An example will explain the possibility of positive result. Once the result is seen as a fact of someone's experience, the little faith will begin to grow and things will continue to improve more and more. An explanation of the process of how the result issued is very helpful. That will clarify the mind. One more thing is called for. It is inspiration to do it oneself, which converts illuminating knowledge into enjoyable results so far elusive.

There is more. The mind needs an example from one's own field, rather than from another field. That way, ONE theme finds itself explained in hundreds of situations and each being UNIQUE is enlightening to the practical intellect. And there are themes without end.  The theme of Spirituality and Prosperity at the end will be understood as Spirituality is Prosperity.

story | by Dr. Radut