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061. Tradition and Spirituality

When astrology came into existence thousands of years ago, man felt as he did when railways came to relieve him from walking facing the dangers on the route infested with thieves. It was a great progress by any rational consideration. In the beginning of this century, air travel become a possibility and became widespread after the second world war. The history of the phone too has a similar development. Phone conquered Time; cell phone conquered space also. The cell phone is carried on the person and no longer fixed to a place.

Astrology was a great science which at the birth of Buddha predicted that he would rule the world either by power or Love. The horoscope of Rajaji written at his birth said he would be the Viceroy of India. Vaastu, omen, astrology inform us of what IS -- our karma. They have no power over what will come -- to change karma. So far, man is able to use only a small part of his capacities or the social opportunities before him, as he is hedged in by his karma. Only in the measure he is able to overcome karma is he effective in this world. Faith in God removes the inhibitions of karma and offers him the full benefit of his own capacities as well as social opportunities.


From 1956 onwards the Spirit has descended on earth and awaits man's call. When that Spirit is invoked into his daily life, it dispenses even with his own capacities and offers him the end results in the beginning. That Spirit overcomes Karma and creates its own social opportunities made possible by the MAN'S personality. As I have been writing earlier, people who were unable to borrow 1/2 a rupee, received at their door steps Rs.10,000/- as bank draft. When one who could not borrow Rs.10,000/- applied to a bank for two lakhs, he was offered 4 lakhs. If you have a project that is stalling for a year or two, call in the Spirit, you will know this Truth as a Fact of your own life. One may invoke the Spirit successfully to bring prosperity and still be troubled by a complaining wife, cruel husband, or cantankerous boss. But these too can be changed into their opposites by the Spirit.

story | by Dr. Radut