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020. Truth and Spirit

Truth is one of the twelve aspects of the Spirit, the others being Unity, Goodness, Knowledge, Love, etc. Any of these aspects in our life is a door to Spirit and its power, Truth being the most powerful of them. In a contentious atmosphere such as strike, the normal human tendency is to take full advantage of the weakness of the other. That leads to the result that one's strength may give. How did the SSI owner invoke the Spirit making the strike leaders change their attitude? Had those leaders resorted to a similar method, the owner's attitude would have changed.

A division of 50 workers was abolished in a factory. When all accepted the reality of the situation, one man sought the help of the inner resource. He was called back and being a technical person was posted as a head of a new division.  The inner Spirit is real and its powers are irresistible. To take advantage of the situation is human. Like Rama's attitude to Ravana when he asked the disarmed Ravana to go home and come back armed, NOT to exercise the temporary advantage is spiritual generosity. That evokes the power of the Spirit which changes the psychological situation. The Spirit rushes into the field when

  • we take the other man's point of view.
  • we refuse to react as an offended individual.
  • we consider a wider ideal than our own selfish benefit.
  • we go into an inner Calm or Silence or Peace.
  • we are able to sympathise with the folly of the offender.

      we refuse to utter a word of falsehood for our own advantage.

  • we stand by the well being of our institution rather than partisan gains.
  • we depart from the human poise and espouse a divine ideal of the higher consciousness.

The twelve aspects of Spirit are Infinity, Eternity, Silence, Peace, Unity, Truth, Knowledge, Power, Love, Beauty, Joy and Purity. Relying on a higher shade of any one of these aspects is a call to the God within which we call Spirit.

In these days when corruption is the rule everywhere in life and not an exception, one who relies on the Spirit will see life gives him no occasion to resort to that universal behaviour.

story | by Dr. Radut