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040. The Turning Point

Man's confidence in his capacities is implicit. He would not desert them until they are proved fruitless. In business there is a point of No-Return. Woe unto him who does not wake up until he crosses it. Life has such landmarks in every sector we know of. While playing a match one knows what point he cannot lose. One who came to such a point in an international tourney, stopped for a few minutes, concentrated and then served the ball. He won the point and every succeeding point, thus winning the match which his country had not won up to that stage. 

Reporters rushed to him at the end of the game to know all about it. He simply replied," I prayed to the Divine Mother." Calling in the Divine Mother-the Spirit--loka madha, is an unfailing exercise which those who do so know.

Man functions from his mind. Usually he acts from his feelings that lie below his mental plane. The emotions are powerful while the mind is not but the mind has the necessary discrimination. In yoga the range of spiritual planes above the mind is called the spiritual mental range. It consists of four planes culminating with the world of the gods--Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh, Indira, Lakshmi, etc.

Just above the human mind is situated the mind of Silence of the Muni. The Rishi who sees his visions is next above him. The Intuition of the yogi is the next. The plane of Gods is called overmental plane. Supermind is above that. The world of Chit known as consciousness is the birthplace of the Divine Mother. No wonder calling Her into our lives is powerful and unfailing.

story | by Dr. Radut