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070. Understanding without Thinking

We think hard to understand. He who cannot think cannot understand. He may memorise and remember the facts without understanding it. Vakil clerks, nurses, and pharmacists would know all the facts of their professions but they may not understand law or medicine. It comes out of long experience, not out of formal education. Occasionally such people may really excel their professional superiors in understanding. This is an exception, not the rule.

When a problem defies understanding, we often give up. After a few days, suddenly it becomes clear in the Mind. This is an understanding that dawned on one when thinking failed. One can consciously refuse to think, which is a superior process to this unconscious one. Then greater understanding comes to him through Silence. Age-old wisdom says Silence is more a medium of greater understanding than thinking.

Knowledge comes to us from the experience of the outside world. It is mental knowledge. The same knowledge lies in a superior fashion inside us. We are unaware of it. One who consciously seeks mental Silence goes in and draws copiously from this store of inner knowledge. It is understanding without thinking. Practising Silence for some time everyday, preferably at fixed hours helps develop inner SILENCE. The Silence I speak of is not the mere absence of speech, but absence of thought in the Mind. Thought may defy the effort of Silence. In that case, a prayer for Silence helps. That prayer must be a Silent prayer

story | by Dr. Radut