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United Nations


July 21, 2002

  • The world that fought dictatorial forces to save democracy for the world founded an undemocratic Organisation.
  • Though it is vastly considered a dead organisation, the great negative services it rendered during the years of the Cold War could not have been otherwise organised. The unparalleled services UNO rendered in the fields of education, health, pollution, and weather - the fields of development, are immense, though a tiny bit of the possibilities.
  • My theme is, if the world DOES what is possible NOW, all her problems will be wiped out and there will be a positive world atmosphere.
  • All democratic nations - members of UNO - can come under an organisation to consider these possibilities.
  • For each nation, two lists of possibilities can be drawn up. 1) By straining every nerve, the MOST that can be done in each field of development, and 2) the least each government can do.
  • Membership of this new organisation needs the qualification of having done the least in the time allotted for it.
  • Apart from what each nation can do within their own borders, another list can be made of what each nation can do to cooperate with its neighbours and those outside. This will result in a burst of goodwill and initiate a wave of prosperity.
  • As these are fields in which organised thinking has not exerted itself, the millions of suggestions from individuals have no scope to be aired.
  • The enormous benefits that accrue from such an active cooperation between democratically ruled nations may become an incentive for dictatorial countries to move towards democracy.
  • The history of 1952-1999 by Gilbert shows the endless initiatives various individuals and organisations are taking in a futile atmosphere. UNO's conscious initiative will be a good field of action.
  • The Western nations have organised every form of life. Organisation is the power of truth of consciousness. What happened to these companies shows that organised life is a compelling field of Truth. As they are all in the stock market, the stock holders value that TRUTH. For over a century in the name of management, a hundred versions of Truth have passed. It is significant for me that one is a power company and the other management company, the two fields we have worked on seriously. This is an excellent social climate for UNO to enter into the field of management and set standards of its own as technology has thrown up ISO 900.
  • Standardisation is globalisation. It is organisational progress. What push it can give national development is unknown today or is not thought of.
  • Creating an organisation of democratic members is to set a political standard for governance.
  • Standardisation is only one powerful tool.
  • An equally powerful TOOL for each sector of life can be created in a trice. There are activities that need energy and initiative. The baneful talk of ‘Funds' will be banished.
  • Olympics and Nobel Committee have acquired a significance in the minds of the population as nothing else has acquired.
  • Recognition by awards, especially a TRUE recognition is another way of pushing the progress of the world. These efforts need not be initiated by the governments, but there are ways to activate the society to organise itself as a self-dynamic organism.
  • We know in a primitive sector like agriculture, the distance between the two ends. The scope for action is endless.
  • I am an advocate of raising the minimum educational level to graduation in the West and secondary school elsewhere.
  • Who can deny efforts in the fields of cleanliness are not a possibility when you see what Singapore has done in such a short period.
  • Govern democratically; implement programmes dictatorially.

story | by Dr. Radut