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092. Unsold Stock

A boy of 20 was faced with the closure of his 110 year old shop in 1974. In any field, to introduce a new line, especially one of inferior quality, is no easy job. Salesmen of such a product who could not enter a certain market for years now came to this boy's shop with ornamental glass tumblers, clinking them in chorus as gifts. The boy's father was taken in and he wrote an order for an equivalent of fifty day's sale value of the shop. Six months passed and not a bit of the stock could be sold. It caused his shop to close. Looking at his long face, the elderly gentleman whom the boy used to visit found out the above details on enquiry.

He told the boy the stock could be sold.   It could be sold if the Spirit were called in. Something in the boy awoke and he was all attention.  "Clean up the place immaculately where the stock is kept, as you have never done and go there every hour and stand there, calling 'Mother'. This was all the advice the elderly man gave almost voluntarily.

The boy used to visit the elderly man daily but had not come for a week or more after this. Finally he came and explained his absence was due to the very brisk sales at the shop. He said half of the entire consignment was sold in 7 to 10 days. The other half was sold in bulk to one customer!  The Spirit he evoked had sold the unsold stock!

He only invoked the Spirit, not the Spirit in the product, which would have been far more powerful. There was no need. The boy was feeling a triumph that he was undoing the folly of his father, who had foolishly walked into the trap of clever, resourceful salesmen, while his father was having a private joke with himself during the brisk sales. Now he saw that the boy was proving to be foolish, since the stock was selling so well. He ordered twice the quantity of the same product!!


story | by Dr. Radut