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US Leadership of the World


Oct. 10, 2006

   World leadership is rare. Rarer is the occasion when it lasts. Presently America is the leader. She is leading because of her military, political, and economic strength, not because she has any moral or spiritual claim to such a leadership. All her present strengths have one source of origin - her enormous productive capacity. In one sense, it is physical and in another sense it is vital. There is no evidence of Mind anywhere there. Whatever the description, it is a partial base. It lasts only when the base and operation are of the whole. Greece, Rome, Europe, UK ruled over the world for some centuries but later lost the hegemony for the self-same reason of its being a partial basis. Earlier India did so in Spirit. In spite of its being Spirit, Life found partial Spirit, still being partial, allowed India to lapse into oblivion. Nuclear disarmament is an issue where the US can play a role either to foster its role in the world or to hamper it. It is bent upon the wrong thing.

   When the powers fail, it is the turn of those who are organised without official power. We see when Reagan and Gorbachev did their part in 1989 to break the Berlin wall and reduce the number of nuclear warheads, the NGOs of the world took up the thread to exert themselves. The situation is analogous to corruption in the developing countries where the governments that should prevent corruption are fostering it. Still, we see two phenomena available to eradicate corruption, if there is a will, 1) the authority of the Election Commission, 2) the advent of computer that can introduce transparency in official work. Should India choose to eradicate corruption, a long list of possible small steps can be made. The rule is, if one wants to accomplish a thing, even in adverse circumstances, there exist enough social mechanisms to achieve it.

   It is true of Nuclear Disarmament. The rules of accomplishment tell us all that we can do from the least physical to the most sublime spiritual move. Only two hundred years ago no train was run on Sundays in deference to the Sabbath. Once the society takes into its head something it will not only achieve it but will implement it exhaustively.

1) Enormous social GOOD WILL lies in two sectors, one organised and the other unorganised that can be commissioned into action. One can even think of retired Army Generals taking up the cause. Even those in Service can rebel in this sublime cause and create a core of Rebels of the Army in the cause of Humanity.

Every government that is now passive or neutral is a potential ally. One or a few governments can be persuaded to form a team and to go to other governments to enlist their active participation. The rule requires one to exhaust the potentials. A government can take an official position, pass in their Parliament a protest bill, can exhort the whole nation to observe a day of national protest or at least donate a few million dollars to the campaign. The MPI initiative is one such.  Its most valuable part is they all came at their own expense, which means their words are translated into acts.

2) Countries like Russia, China, India can be persuaded to take ONE further little step in the right direction.

3) As USSR from the Axis camp walked into the Allies in 1942, Israel can be enlisted to wage this war on Atom.

4) There is a Power Behind the International Throne. It can be identified and made to see otherwise than their present view.

5) Moving public opinion may meet with in the USA the same hurdle of Pride of Possession as the government suffers from. Of course, it is not information that will change their heart. It may act in the opposite direction. They must be shown their psychological gain in achieving it more than the physical survival. To get the weapons out of their alert status is itself a Great Gain. It is my view that Russia, China and India together can accomplish it.

6) Every government that has a long-standing insoluble problem has a vested interest in sponsoring this issue - Sri Lanka and other states that are ridden with conflicts.

7) Every small insignificant government has a similar vested interest in rising in prestige as Costa Rica has done.

8) There is no end to such suggestions. To repeat: Rules of accomplishment lay down:

a) Work done will give proportionate results. If there are ten parts of a work, each part's work will yield its results. If all the ten are completed, results will issue from the next plane. E.g. De alerting, if successful, is a gain in that field. If India announces ‘No First use', it is a gain. When all such possibilities are located and completed, Nuclear Disarmament will become MORE THAN a REALITY in the sense all such weapons will be dismantled, for some inexplicable reason all intra-state conflicts will dwindle and disappear. AND the military expenditure will be almost abolished by a strange form of events.

b) The population of the US may more readily respond to the idea that their present leading position may be lost if US insists on its course than when educated about the enormity through facts. It may have the opposite effect as they too may feel the same prestige which the US just now feels.

story | by Dr. Radut