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Ways of Summarizing the Formula


The taste of ignorance is so enjoyable to the embodied being that it has no urge to rise. That is why the Divine descends to remind the being lost in ignorance of its higher origin and destiny. The play is so entrancing. The following formulas offer means for the individual to apply higher methods to fulfill his own aspirations and in the process help him raise his consciousness and emerge from Ignorance.

1.       The right must always exceed the wrong.

  •         The right and the wrong are always in balance and whichever side is slightly in excess determines the outcome. Ensure in all situations that the right is in excess.
  •          Shift from self-justification of your position to a higher position that encompasses the other person's rights and point of view.
  •          Recognize that it is your values, your attitudes that decide the outcome. Raise the attitude, make it less selfish, more generous to tilt the balance positively and see the other person change his attitude in response to your inner change.

2.       See the wrong as right.

  •          No wrong can come to you that you do not represent in yourself. Take it as an opportunity to become more conscious.
  •          Anything that others do to you corresponds to a similar fact in your own past actions which you probably refuse to recognize. Take it as an opportunity to reverse your past actions.

3.       At the peak of growth take care that you go up, not fall down or level off.

  •          At moments of great progress and life response, there is a powerful urge to level off or act in a manner that cancels the in-coming Grace.
  •          Life at these moments is sensitive to the smallest lapses and deviations.
  •          ABSOLUTELY refuse to express the negative impulse.
  •          Redouble your effort to exceed the high achievement rather than lapsing into relaxation.
  •          Offering Gratitude for what has come is the best protection.

4.       Decide NOT to adoringly love Complete Folly.

  •        The Taste of Ignorance, the joy of repetition and the comfort in unconsciousness is so compelling that even when man responds to Mother, he does so in such a manner as to reinforce his present position and disposition rather than rise to a higher level.
  • Stubborn insistence on what one is, wants, knows or believes-especially in the light of repeated failures-is Complete Folly.
  •    Devotees of Mother cannot destroy a work even when they are totally foolish, they can only postpone or impair it. Destruction comes only when they insist on harming other people, expressing their evil through their ignorance.

5.       Ask whether you want it at all and if not, NOW want it.

  •        Man can achieve whatever he wants to achieve.
  •         As a corollary, whatever we presently are or have achieved or have failed to achieve is an expression of our true wants, conscious or subconscious,
  •       Become conscious of the lack of aspiration or the negative attitudes that bar further progress and reverse them, work will take off.

6.       Organize the Personality to suit the incoming opportunities.

  •        Our development is an expression of our organization. Raise the organization for higher accomplishment.
  •        Man progresses by becoming conscious of greater opportunities, releasing his energy to avail of them and organizing those energies for maximum efficiency and accomplishment.
  •        Organizing the personality means focusing one's thought, energy and actions on the higher accomplishment, removing the barriers in understanding and attitude that divert the energy or prevent it from acting, utilizing all one's capacities and resources fully to accomplish the goal, ensuring that all our attitudes and behaviors are consistent (coordinated) with accomplishment of the goal, and eliminating all ways in which our energy is wasted and dissipated.

7.       Remove the mental, vital barriers.

  •        Accomplishment is undermined by selfishness, competitiveness, laziness, jealousy, vanity, seeking prestige, stubborn insistence, meanness, stinginess, fear, doubts, disbelief, unconsciousness and a host of other mental and vital barriers. Remove the barriers and Mother will accomplish on our behalf!
  •        Those who wish to prosper should overcome selfishness and jealousy to take joy in the prosperity and the happiness of others.
  •        Those who want to achieve results should abandon vanity, self-importance and seeking for prestige.
  •    Those who want to overcome external barriers such as intense competition, a declining market or the negativity of other people should shift their faith from outside to inside and remove the inner barriers.

8.       Do the lower by the higher.

  •     Any act can be accomplished by higher or lower means. The higher means achieves greater results in less time and helps the person move upward in consciousness. The lower method requires far greater expenditure of time and energy to achieve less and in the process it reinforces one's bondage to the lower plane of action.
  •    Doing the lower by the higher means

  moving external forces from inside

 relying on faith, prayer and consecration rather than external means

 acting vitally instead of physically (exercising authority or persuasion instead of force)

 acting mentally instead of vitally or physically (making the effort to think and understand before one acts.)

   shifting from the part to the whole as Roosevelt did during the banking panic of 1932.

 learning from experience instead of repeating past errors.

 moving from verbal persuasion to silent will

 moving from thinking to Silence

9.       Energize the nerve when you hit it.

  •       When you confront a point of sensitivity, enlist it for your service. Utilize the energy or pressure generated as a force for greater progress rather than seeking to avoid the intensity or reacting to the source that released it.
  •        Do not shrink from pressure. Expand yourself and your activities as Churchill did when the Nazi's invaded Britain.

10.    Seek no goal, all goals will be exceeded.

  •       To seek no goal is to move away from mind and ego which are always striving for self-aggrandisement and success. This movement opens one to the descending Grace and enables a higher power to choose and act through us. The resulting achievements exceed all expectations.
  •       To give up seeking is to give up the seeking for personal results. This is the essence of consecration and surrender.

11.    Be happy in other's Joy.

  •        To be happy in other's Joy is to move from egoistic selfishness, jealousy and competitiveness to a centre of goodwill and self-giving, which makes for expansiveness and opens one to the psychic.
  •     To be happy in other's Joy makes one expand so that he can receive much more than the selfish narrow ego can receive.

story | by Dr. Radut