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004. Where Man Ends, the Divine Begins - I

The soul SAW its woes disappeared when it forgot them and was wondering what it is all about. God laughed at the naiveté of the soul. So says Sri Aurobindo in one of His Aphorisms. The spiritual truth is man energises his misery by dwelling on it. Can this spiritual truth be of any use to us in our daily life? Though such occurrences are not in abundance, they are not uncommon. Often a man recovers from an incurable illness, especially when the doctor gives up. It is striking at the moment but our mental comprehension does not go beyond expressing a sense of wonder. No serious mental attempt is made to discover how it happened. To us, our minds are final. We never consider the Spirit in us.

A lawyer was driving his newly purchased car on the banks of the river Krishna. The car slipped into the current of the river. Somehow he managed to open the door of the car, swim to the shore and fell down fainting. After a day or two he regained consciousness. Those around were all appreciation for his extraordinary courage and were anxious to know how he had done that feat. To their questions, he only replied, "I do not know anything. I remember falling into the river sitting in my car. The next thing I know is just now that I am here in the hospital." What happened was the body - the Spirit in the body - awakens the moment it finds it can no longer rely on the mind to protect itself and releases Herculean energy, exhibits superhuman intelligence and saves itself.

This is one expression of the Spirit, the Divine, sailing into action when man comes to the tether ends of his resources. As this is a spiritual phenomenon, we can devise ways and means for our insoluble problems to be solved by the inner Divine taking over. The principle underlying the method is man should voluntarily give up exercising his mind to solve an insoluble problem.

story | by Dr. Radut