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006.Where Man Ends, the Divine Begins - III

Life is replete with events that express this phenomenon. Only that we do not understand it in this light. We rarely think this is a method to solve our problems. When a problem presents, it is customary for us to exercise our minds as well as our efforts to the full. It is good to work to achieve a result. It is better NOT to exercise ourselves. Not only do we not think along those lines, but it is hard for most of us to accept it as a valid method of functioning.

Ordinarily we try our best and if it succeeds, we congratulate ourselves and reinforce our confidence in our capacity. There are occasions when we fail and see no further avenue to pursue our efforts. We give up. In a very short time news comes that our work succeeded, though all our efforts failed. This is not common, but does occur.

o We can see that the work is accomplished not by our efforts, but in spite of them.

o We see it is fulfilled by a method unknown to us or unthought of.

o Usually such fulfilment brings us a greater result.

It is true exercising oneself is a good method and a right method. It is true only when we learn the work and only until we fully learn it. Having learnt it, the mind's insistence should be withdrawn, letting the work take its own course. Exercising oneself then is a bar. Man can give up a work as impossible whereby he follows the above rule negatively.

One who launched a sizeable project successfully, having worked for it for eight full years, was happy about his success. As the project was big enough, he knew that was his last effort. He came to know of this principle at that time. He switched his mind to the poise of this new understanding. A project twice its size came to him by itself. He now wished NOT to begin. It got completed in seventy days as if the project was moving on its own impulsion

story | by Dr. Radut