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059. Why are Pious, Orthodox, GOOD People Sometimes Poor?

Maybe they are not sometimes poor, but often times poor. There are several reasons, at least three major reasons. 1. They are NOT orthodox in the best sense of the word, 2. They lack the right discrimination to sift the chaff from the grain, 3. They often worship harmful vital spirits in the name of the venerable gods Shiva, Vishnu, etc.

Orthodoxy is not a ritual. It is chaste condition of a pure mind devoted to Truth as an article of faith. Tradition does not even enjoin on their worshipping the idol in the temple. They are to worship the inner Brahman who is of the size of a thumb seated in the heart. As the Rishi loses years of tapas by the burst of anger or touch of lust, ONE single lie uttered will render him unorthodox. They are NOT to consult horoscope or observe auspicious hours. These are meant for the laity.

Divine Spirit at all levels is intermixed with what is not true. The tradition says one must discriminate and choose ONLY the Truth. Most pious people are not of high discrimination. They choose what is convenient to be good or orthodox and fall a victim to dark forces.

A time was when a Congress volunteer carried a little aura of the Great Mahatma. Now Mahatma is not, nor his Spirit actuates. To mistake today's politician, thinking of the great Soul of Mahatma, will at best lead to be politically exploited. Great Temples were built by Great Saints. As long as the worship was PURE, the ORIGINAL spirit of the gods presided over those institutions. Once that recedes, spirits appropriate to the worshippers as well as management OCCUPY the subtle atmosphere of these Divine Institutions. Two indications will tell us about the purity of the place 1. A sense of inner calm and peace that is spiritual elevation, 2. Impeccable cleanliness as maintained in Guruvayoor Temple by the Namboodiris. Spirit never fails to give prosperity. Man may worship the wrong deity.

story | by Dr. Radut