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World Trade Center Terrorism


To have a comprehensive view, this attack on the US can be looked at:

1) As life chastising the USA for its gross neglect in spite of a clear warning five years ago (a description of this kind of attack found in the Philippines?).  It raises a further question as to what should be our attitude towards each warning.

2) Poverty of the world aspiring for plenty prods the rich.

3) War was political, in that Hitler sough world domination. The world thwarted it, joining together. Next was the Cold War where an ideology tried for world domination. It was state sponsored. It was destroyed from inside by its leader (Gorbachev). Now that the political, ideological dominations are out of the way, religious bigotry of earliest millennium rears its head as represented by Islam and Judaism. when a member of those religions transforms himself, it can disappear. Beyond that lies the conflict between Truth and Falsehood (as Mother and several ancient sages described.) The falsehood of one who discovered Truth in its native purity is most powerful (the Brahmins). Those who had realized the Absolute should come forward to shed their falsehood. It is the last of fights.

4) On a simpler scale, we can say the enormous scope for global commerce in Arab countries is negatively pressing for its effectuation. The same can be repeated for oppression of women, illiteracy, backwardness, the inability to step into the first stage of civilization -- agriculture -- because of the desert and every other representative of backwardness. In the reverse, Islam swears by a brotherhood which is rarely equaled by any other religion. 5) From Sri Aurobindo's point of view, as represented by our theory, we can say

-- how this conflict highlights the value of the individual negatively;  

-- the collective welfare cannot usher itself into the next phase as long as it is not saturated in the existing plane.

-- The attack brings an opportunity for the UN to moot the idea of a world army.  

-- Suppose the world looks at this crisis from the theoretical point of view, all conflicts will vanish. > I consider this as an opportune moment for anyone to look at his OWN personal psychological life in the light of the above approaches to the attack and see what next step is desirable or possible in his own life. That will makes one's finite life INFINITE.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be solved politically at once, not so much by the US, but by an enlightened world opinion, or a Muslim or Jew who comes forward to change himself into an inner centre of peace.  Your point about this resulting in a rejection of the Dark Ages is true.

Regarding the full emergence of India:  This can be done by India or Indians realising their potentials without imitating the US. Or if the world has the theoretical view of developing each part of the world in its most developed aspect and relating its weakest part with a strong part in another part of the world. US could move from materialistic ways is true, but one can say the USA can move towards: 1)happy family life, 2) violence-free public life. The material abundance is the solid basis for happy families.

There is enough published knowledge of psychology to achieve it. The existing laws of the US are enough to achieve a crime-free life. The public should awaken. In all these places, the INDIVIDUAL has a lot to do or has everything to do.

"We have utterly failed to take advantage of the end of the Cold War." There is no understanding of it at all. It is the greatest act of historical sincerity. That sincerity was not only not appreciated, but when the Cold war was overcome, and Gorbachev was appreciated, the appreciation was only done to put down the act of sincerity.  (to celebrate the downfall of Communism).

Sri Aurobindo would want us individually to work for these goals in our emotions. For every inner move that is real, one can at once see life in the USSR responding.

story | by Dr. Radut