Series IX


1) The grossest folly of the primitive man is there in us in traces, showing itself occasionally in the subtle plane as distant impulses .

Jh Ex Ah CUS.

BvuUS | Ask.

|US Bvu Sn Esk.

E Cux C.

CuS S. Gku zux.

Choice decides.

2) Imagination thinks of a possibility that is preparing in the subtle plane of the world, while fantasy has no basis outside ones wishful thinking.

Pأ US, PأU Pmh ]u֮.

3) Events do not repeat, not even in memory, if the energy expressed there is balanced out. Residual energies arise out of non-event-oriented attitudes.


4) National governments are preoccupied with their own concerns, not the ideal of polity world over. There are leaders of governments, not international statesmen pronouncing political philosophy.

A]v A]US, u PUS u.

5) AvP u G PЮ, Aߦ uiPЮ J v CP. Gݮ AP P CĮ ֣mhP.

Aߦ, Bu Eu `ݮ, AuUS `P.

6) The origin of dress is not to hide shame, but to be attractive. Constant use of dress later gave birth to shame.

Eh mPԯx.

7) A small change on the part of selfishness can sometimes give a Himalayan boon for anothers selflessness. Selfishness finds that small effort as a Himalayan endeavour and refuses to do it.

|zv E PĮ _| A A[S A\x. |zv E GkUP _| mk.

8) Sorrow over a thing and enjoyment of another do not mutually conflict unless they both meet in the central personality. In undeveloped persons, it is all in one.

u Ph Chzu vUPx.

Chzu vUS Ph ]ԯ uhx.

|hzu vUPu _zv Ch.

9) Military reverses may not upset national leaders. A non-working phone will upset a housewife.

sh A\u .

u zu uUS ]ԯ.

10) It is easier to part with material benefits; it is not so easy to appreciate another person.

P U Pkݮ zu mkx Piڮ.

11) u u \ u u. C u mk ¸a \.

u \U Thu uP Esk.

12) EPzu EUS v J \ A ¸hu x __֨UPz uk.

J zuʢu A EP E.

z zUSa \.

13) That manners do not reveal the true person is a known fact. How much the world has realised that very good manners can fully screen the very opposite, especially when one can espouse those manners even in his looks?

UPzuU Psk u Aԯ ix.

14) We go to ten places to accomplish ten pieces of work. Our driver too can go to all these places, but cannot accomplish anything. It is not visiting places, but accomplishing that matters.

Gzuڰh Gߣu, G \vzu Gߣu PnUS.

15) In an age that ushers in progress by destroying all good values, it is not necessary to swim with the stream. It can be done either way. The following period will be very high in values. Those who destroyed the values now will be transformed into upholders of high values. Others who stuck to their values will move up to uphold higher values.

EP A |k x BUP |kx Eux.

Azu .

BUP |i E.

BUP, A¾ BUP Evx.

16) To let the desire to show off peep out before him who has propped you up, is in bad taste, a vulgar ostentation.

PshhĮ u sk.

17) Aߦ AvP \u A Ψk. AP | E x AߣP ΨkQx Gߣx uzx.

18) To know something by its expressions is not to know itself. We do not see the Energy in itself, but only its results.

P, zuU Pmhx.

19) Nihil can be only the abyss of the Infinite.

-Sri Aurobindo.

Aڢuzv uͮ `߯.

20) The great men of Europe, especially those of England, were those who saw the ascending ladder of personality in the formed mental capacity which education offered. Beyond that, they were ordinary men, not even ordinary souls. The entire Indian tradition offers spiritual knowledge as a ladder for the growth of spiritual personality. Sri Aurobindo added the mental dimension, too to it.

A EP BuU Psk Bߩ EP BЮ G Aԯ i?

21) Foolish greed taking to faith becomes pious wish of superstition.

Au \ Azu |UPP x h|UP.

22) The free will of man is predetermined by the Supreme.

wUP i, uUS ӯ _uv.

23) What we see as Indeterminates are really cosmic Determinations which are the determinations of the Indeterminable.

]iu g\zv ]i Gߣu Aԯ u EPU Psk UQ.

24) When acting outside social inhibition, the RAW man is in full evidence.

, γ ֮ u.

25) A] |n, |n E.

26) The imperceptible, intangible, invisible, inconceivable Infinite is the most concrete, palpable form and force on earth.

Aڢu A Eu, h A zvP S.

27) Man is so constituted -- of contradictions -- that he feels fulfilled in following an ideal or rule only when he breaks it in token.

uzv x S Uv zv \.

28) The light that has once revealed to a sage cannot die later, just as the rain water that falls on the ground cannot disappear. Water is indestructible. One can suppress the light, mutilate it but can never get rid of it.

Ӣu v Aȯx.

29) One mans perfection can save the world, as man is universal.

u .

30) The man who has ruined you would not like you to die because he knows he would die at your death. Enemies at one level are friends at another level.

¸ ֨ J, v\ , wµ J.

31) Life does not reward goodness. Even when it is rewarded, it goes unaccepted. In Mother, it is invariably accepted as a reward of grace.

|vS P Esk.

32) Mans energy is an important thing. He is rarely aware of how much it is influenced by his own thoughts and other human contacts.

\Uv G Ax Piڮ.

33) Mans emotions open only towards himself and to those who touch him. For the emotions to open to others only for their sake is sympathy bordering on compassion, which is a universal vibration.

u B̢x ¸u u \ GQ.

34) The idealist leader is compelled by his immediate environment to live for his unidealistic friends. From that he learns the personal expression of the impersonal.

Cm]vUS Am] .

35) To those who know the subtle symptoms, even consummate skill of considerable politeness cannot hide the truth.

Ex `m_zvS ux u.

36) He who does not have psychological ignorance will be able to deal with others successfully.

AԲ v G | Av.

37) The unegoistic help is the soul exchanging force with soul, true lila in life.

APuUS ush. BzUS A.

38) u |k P

| Gڨ Ph ڮ xiUQx.

Au ӸUS Eu \Q.

EPzv J Cm] Eu AȨx.

AȨUS Eu \u, A {a\.

P |i A u ukQ.

Ӻ ] Au Eأzv \Qx.

AuzvPP Eu, BuzvP EuQ.

AuzvPP x, BuzvP .

ڮ US, PUS H[S u Esk.

\ CUPx, APu uUQ.

G \?

| APuu AUP.

ӸUS Eu \ Ph |UQ, C.

Cx } Eu \u EUS F \z uԯv.

} Eu US w[S \ux EUS {?

, Eڲ Ӣx, A |k, A mk |k.

\u APu, AUPPa \.

AUS P \.

Aڰ P, AQzv P.

P , uԯ \u \ .

Eu umh, Eu {UPu.

E , Eڲ EPzu Ӣx Eua \.

39) A single man under an attack of a mob has no self-defence. Man is exactly like that in life. Surrender to Mother makes the mob melt away in seconds. One who has a little peep in the subtle atmosphere around him knows the truth of it. Still man wants to defend himself from the mob!

u AUP CUS Tmh uڨ P sk G u GvUQ.

AȨx EP, Anx A.

40) Poverty is the assertion of the ego of its Ignorance in which it delights.

u Aԯ.

Aԯ Pk.

41) A x Uv AP[Pzu uh \ Aݩvv.

A Aߣ AߦUS A xP.

42) ¸P ֮ , . AP[P smh ¸ ֨Qx. Bu Auz ukUS uµ, Aߦ ukUPx.

AP[P E Aߤ.

43) Pmh Gsnzu `߯ xsk. Pmh Gsn `߯zvS \.

Gsn Pmhx.

Pmh Gsn `߯.

44) Au AߣUS Gv.

45) To accomplish a work by an instrument opposed to it is not a need of work, but is one of transformation.

Gv P \vx vĸӮ.

46) Pmk ֨US PmPz uU Thx. PmPUS Gsn PmP sk GߣuS.

s Gsn, En.

47) Strong insistence on gentleness will result in violence, not gentleness.

_uvzu EvP, |h, iuP |h ix.

48) Intelligence, status, power, and age are not barred from silly behaviour. The greater the good endowments, the greater is the propensity to be silly.

Azu \h AUS B Esk.

49) Infinity unfolding in the vital is spiritual expansiveness.

n Ȩx ͯ P.

50) AvwµP |kx Aik Bux.

The greatest aspiration is for that which is most inimical.


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