Series X



1) When we ardently seek surrender of an act, in the purity of the moment the strands of that act, by virtue of the same purity will become powerful and will be contending with the similar strands of surrender. One needs to move even from the act of surrender to the attitude and motive of surrender in greater sincerity.

Es EUS Es i.

2) I do not understand beyond this point. This is too much for me and I cannot stand it, are the human limitations. Yoga begins when we understand what we now do not understand, and stand what is intolerable. To act within limits is human. To cross the border is yoga.

ix Gߣx ix P.

3) When man says, I want a peaceful life he means he wants full freedom for his unconscious ego.

Psi, PmksiP u kQ.

4) Bound not to be bound

Not even bound by freedom.

Free, utterly free. Free even from freedom.

_uv, Pmkkzuu _uv.

_uv _uv.

5) The process of creation is occult to the mind, but is seen by the Supermind. The mind that is able to see the process becomes Supermind.

zvSa `m_ ]i CP쯮 uu ڮ \zv ¯S.

6) I learnt it is too low to yearn for happiness. I asked, what else am I to seek for? There was a blank. I insisted. It answered: It is not for you to seek.

|k E |UQ.

7) Would Mother grant psychic delight to psychic sadness?

uڰ US Esh?

8) \ wshx.

9) Is sucking blood a process of creation too?

_skuS `m_ Esh?

10) Pain is only for the ego, not for the soul. Why then is the psychic granted the privilege of endless sorrow for eternity?

u \uگS?

11) Understanding is prevented by the activity of the mind. How can one steeped in sorrow ever hope to understand?

]u AUSz uh. E Ena] Gʢu AUS F C.

12) It seems it is the special privilege of parasites to be predators on idealism. Can they too turn up in a vision of marvel?

AmhUS Aئu Esh?

13) There is no greater pain than to be pleasant to those who await an occasion to destroy you.

֨US C u u.

14) I longed to make the world happy. It gave me unmerited sorrow.

u \u.

15) Love intense loves itself.

Aߤ BǮ Au |k.

16) My life is one of sores all over inside. Everyone finds me a happy man!

Happiness can inversely express sorrow.

smh Q̢u کPU Pqx ¢u.

17) Trusted friendship the bitter end of betrayal.

xP |m Ө.

18) To one who can dissolve the sorrow of a tragedy, no tragedy ever comes.

zuh iuUS zu v.

19) To understand the supramental process as detailed in The Life Divine is conception. It is perception when you see it occur in life. To allow our being to be an instrument for that vibration gives the sensation that is gratitude.

J En | K P PhUS u.

20) Details of a thought as expressed in an essay will remain in the mind when the perspective is seen or when memorised.

|UP u £ v {S.

21) People who win big lottery prizes always, at least often, lose all their money and sometimes even what they had before. This is because when more comes in than the personality can hold, the existing structure gives way, wiping out the basis.

Pmh AvP QhUS. *

AvP Qhzu Ex S.

* H[Q HͩPU QhUS.

22) Fu, uuU Pn \ Aئu GU Pq ², i ° u[P G vͮ GU Pq Pnݮ vĸ֮ \uPP.

A{ { u .

23) A][P Aئux Bz Ȩ.

24) sk sk Gʮ B\ z x.

25) mkU Pkzx x kU Phux.

26) E E AݣUP zu EPzx E .

27) \v u »S.

»Q \v .

28) Gv zv G \P CuP .

Gv \ u {.

29) P Ah[Q six QhUS.

30) |h vͮ G Ax |ԯu.

31) {h u\ڮ {u\ڮ.

32) Ȩ u Bߩ, Ehߣk, Aئu n P Aݣ.

{h uzvSx.

Ȩ u\ڮ n PzvSx.

33) If what we see as a foolish behaviour in others is approached from their own point of view, it will reveal itself to be an expression of a great effort well conceived and very well expressed. Folly for one is genius for another.

|US h, hUS u»\.

34) Silent waiting gives the knowledge which trial and error give at the end.

ukUQ u uºx u.

35) The fool eagerly embarks on the follies the world has given up long ago and then learns or does not learn. How do we learn except by trial and error? The only conscious method open to us is the fools unconscious method.

The fool is unconsciously foolish; we have the privilege of being consciously foolish.

ڮ h »US.

h »US ڮ.

36) i G Phu i.

37) To conceive of a concept higher than the contradictory ones is mental courage. To phrase it in brief words, mental clarity of a high order is needed.

ux E; uPz ux Ax.

ڮ Aԯuuz u Pq.

uux ux u.

u b ]zv.

38) vͮ u mk zvS.

vͮ zvS vĸӮ.

39) HP sk G Pmh.

40) h B zv \.

41) HP A|Px G[Vڮ?

42) \ۯ] n gb sk.

43) Ph AԢu | u sk A?

44) u uu {uڮ sk.

45) The ingenuous genius is the idiot.

Q h u .

46) x { a]ڲsk.

\x { \Ȩsk.

47) _uv Pmkk.

Pmkh _uv.

The bound Freedom.

Free imprisonment.

48) Ӯ . AP P.

Outer life and inner yoga.

49) Ӻ S uUQu, u { ӸUS Cu AԲ uUS u Ask.

v zu vP u.

50) u ӸUS u S CuP A. u {ӰuU Pn mh.

S ӺUS, { uUS.


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