Series XI


1) Modern prosperity of ancient values, communal peace of consummate harmony, and world leadership in supramental spirituality are at our door. They await our opening of the door.

Pz S US | Cx.


Start at home, in your company or organisation. It is the right place to start.


2) Life never fails to warn us. It may not be seen or known. Or, when known, it would always be disregarded. Whoever takes the warning is sure to be saved. Maybe a long time ago things were spoiled. Would he now forward to surrender his behaviour of that time?

u hukmh, Aӯ u C \n \ ڮ C\?


Aimh ݮ ǯ u \n \x Gu.


3) Idealist work has never been done by non-idealists.

֮ u Cm] EQ Gx \uv.


4) A u Au ǯ \PU PsiUP ڮ u, Avh x k.


uu u ¸ \x Avh.


5) An expansive mind of curiosity enjoys learning, thus growing into knowledge. Mere intelligence has no such capacity. Such minds get educated. They seek cultivation of mental faculties.


͸ ڮ AUSx. zvUS US ux.


6) Eu E Enu EP E |i .

EPzv E|i Ev Ex.


7) Life is full of so many pockets of dull energy which will be dormant till it is stirred. Once stirred it acts. One needs to know their equilibrium and must take pains to maintain it.


uhu Ena]P uu \.


8) i \x, i \n \x P.


ڮ Bz \nh sk.


9) One can rise from very low levels to very high levels, but that will not grant perfection.

E nPx.


10) A few refractory rich men earlier squandered. Now many more aspire to that status. Its first expression, rather the only expression is squandering.

nUP \u | \u nUPuP {UQP.


AȨu AuvS Ahͮ.


11) Silence compels one to listen. In addition, it enables one to think, though silence is inimical to thinking.

ڮ AԲ, uڲ AԲ.


12) God created the world for the joy of Self-discovery, but for that He first hid Himself within Himself. Every step in hiding gives Him joy, even as every stage of discovering Himself yields joy.

]i Bڢu.

x Bڢu.

Pskix Bڢu.


13) Before the vision of the MARVEL arises in full splendour, it can present itself as a conception for one who has come into the atmosphere of Mother. It starts as a cosy subconscious feeling, resolving the existing problems gradually, offering greater and greater opportunities. The great beginning of a small glimpse is the conception that life is always preparing through small joys for the final bliss.

Bڢu mk |USx Gߣx A.


14) Gu \vUP i G v A "| \ J֪" G JUS.


GxĪ Gڨ x G i G .


15) Gambling is to learn the skill of accurately forecasting the course of events as in a game or race by an energy not yet organised for simple physical actions.


G Ax `x.


16) "Qn usp B ͮ Psk Px.' Aڰh u Ю Gu ͕ Aߣ { Ezx.


He who has seen 'It' knows.


Svx ԯ | mk APx.


17) Life exists in several layers of society, personality, pure energy and finally force before it is organised as energy. Beyond all that is the Being. What is failure in one level, is not a failure at a level further below. Seeing this, feeling this and Being this, Man can SEE no loss any more.

Ph ʢu US Bzxsh?


18) Sri Aurobindo said that the World Forces had, sooner or later, never failed to fulfil His ideas. Anyone who has felt His force working in him will see the truth of Sri Aurobindo's statement in a large measure in his own world with respect to his own ideas or wishes.

A {zu C |hux A¢u A G | Aԯ.

One has accepted Him in the measure his own ideas have been fulfilled.


19) Any work has dozens of details to be learnt and to produce the result they have to be used in concert. This is true of spirituality also. In this respect, there is no virtue in yoga.

P J . \u \ \ sk.


20) Fear is an unknown emotion to royalty. They cannot even be taught it.

A\ Sk ԯx.

u, u .


21) AvP ڤ E u Bzv s x.


Azvx P֮ AvP uSvUS \zv ux.


22) The greatest idea of the intellect or intelligence makes one a neo-thinker against the vision of the whole.

viUS zv ]֤zuڮ.


23) The surface being includes the body in man, the earth in creation.


ĻP ڮ. Eh AuSmmhx.


24) uzx[P ]ԯ AUS x \x Pu, Eun.


uzx Aݣ G Gʮ.


25) AUS \ Ai zv ukx A.




26) When you are aware of the psychic, it begins to see the earlier versions of knowledge emerging. To strain after the emerging knowledge is to know the psychic.


BߩUS bڮ Esk.

bzuz ui Bߩ US.


27) Practical wisdom knows the equilibrium of social forces that keep the house running. And it matters.


|hu |hzvU P |h u sk.


28) It is consummate efficiency of social survival to see through the intuition of the intransigent refractory negative individual.


vh Ax wUP u\ڮ.


29) Globalisation is Integralisation.


¯ uUS.


30) One has made his life that of an employee or householder. He can shift the needle and preside over a corporation or a nation.


\uu AԢu ¸u \.


31) Cm] \.

\ PPx.


\U Phu ڮ PzvSx.


32) Poisonous insects are the fit and necessary raw material for transformation.


Au Eأzv \ sk.


33) The car broke down the inertia of local loyalty.


Ӣu so i »UQx P.


34) The car is a must not as a status symbol, but as an instrument of breaking down the inertia.


P u \ԯP CUP ix.


35) ڮ AQ AS.


36) A Ph \ sk.


US .

U Phi.


37) A]zv, AzĮ Agbڮ bکS.

A]zv, AzĮ Agbڮ.


38) |n, Cu Gh Ψk. C G G[SUPx. ] Ch[P Ψkx , |n BPx.


Love is more impersonal than personal.


Pn u x CuP zuh sh.

AUS G x UPx.


39) PP G AߣPmS a] G -------------------------- .


]US iUPz u G a] v.


40) What we know as life -- human life -- is what the soul chooses and wills, and not a whit beyond that.


Bz ukx E. AuU Phux Hx.


41) The consummate knowledge of Integral yoga in life is learnt by thousands in their own fields effectively. It is learnt from below, partly. Now that the full theory of creation is available directly from Him, one can learn it fully, from above. That will still come to one as a total knowledge of a smaller whole, not a part.


sh bzuU P, Ax | Au US.


u ] A uP sk.


42) Gu P G Pso h hx. n k, n mk k.


nzvS, ӣi Ps Sk.


43) Governments are becoming higher versions of local bodies and are no longer meant for the very strong. They were never meant for the bright and in future bright men are more likely to steer clear of governments.


C Pzx \UPUQ.


44) \ EuP v EuP, \.

\ \P \uP AȢuP.


45) When involution reverses as evolution, the four above invert themselves into four below, not in the same order. Reversal requires a review of the previous order. As the Spirit issues out of Sat, the psychic issues out of Matter not out of life. Hence the reordering.


\v zuQ kQ.


Lydia as Mrs. Wickham takes precedence over Jane.


46) In matters of high culture as well as spirituality, there are two stages of progress or growth.


1.        Where one explanation of a high value is more useful than several disciplines, and

2.        Where one discipline is more effective than a hundred explanations.


UP Pmkmh h u.

Pmkk u UP u ix.


\US \US vsk.


47) Cx iUPuv x x vĸzv AS.


P\ Czu Pzx ֮.


Pzx P\ CUP sk.


P\ Cۨx PnUS.


48) | mhP | |hmh a] GߣuS C.


»Su |kx a].


49) Appreciation is relationship. Spiritual relationship arises when appreciation ceases.


E USx.


50) Even to fully understand one idea in The Life Divine is rich initiation into His yoga.


J u Eu wm\.



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