Series XVIII


1) Capacity and Truth directly recruit one to Spirituality.


\zv ֮ v B߫P.


2) God often protects man by thwarting his enemies without the man knowing it. Man is not given the joy of knowing it.


Gv hUQ A AߣU PQ.

Gv G B G Aߣ Aԯ iv.


3) When men of no culture enjoy an excessive pride in their energy and display it to the cultured population, it is hilarious in the extreme to the

onlooker and embarrassing to the victim.


|PP u |PPzu |PP UPmS Enzx | |Pa_USuS.


4) {¸u | zvUQ.

{Ȣu { |g_USx.


Memory fixes us to the mind. Moving to the back of the heart, memory dissolves.


5) The great secrets of life can only be hinted at. Greater secrets are unspoken even by a hint.


CP[Pa _miU Pmh sk.

CP[P _miU Pmku \.

i CP쯮 Cx uU Thx.


6) v { P\ u\ڮ.


The subliminal remembers all after memory dissolves.


7) Create a structure which any fool can work without error. Work it out by the best of intelligences.


hUS Ab \u u x.


8) Response in democracy is to the appearance FELT as a fact.


Pu PmP ¸u ]zx | UPͨ UP.


9) Those who seek beneficial advice, be it the head of a nation or a customer of an astrologer, make it a point NOT to remember the person who advised.


u Өx Ph Gߣx ֣ Cm].


10) The strategies of the battlefield, any negotiations, as well as mind struggling to surrender are the same.


UPͮ, , ڨmh BQ J .


11) The Force that sustains life in a man beyond the allotted years is a universal Force stronger than life on earth.


B }iUS \Uv \mh[PU Phu g\ \Uv.


12) Medicine that prolongs life operates within the limits of karma.


BU P֮ x PzvSmmh \Uv.


13) Capacity of man to trust his arch enemy the boss, the priest, the wife, the parents, the rival, etc. is endless.


P\U PhUP | Bk Gv uzv |x u _.


14) New diseases like AIDS arise as the systems of treatment draw upon the energy of the physical, not its soul.


| AȨv Pn u |u zu | sk.


15) Positive and Negative forces are always found mixed. It does not matter for action. What matters is which is in excess.


P HP sk. a\u mh sk.

xix xa\ yx.


16) Learning a foreign language is possible, not all its slang or colloquial forms.


x P, Enx P ix.


17) Personality is the subtle character.


u `m_zvUQx.


18) It is not in the power of mind not to speak that which it knows.


P uzu .

Gsn Gʢu Ψhz ux.


Knowing is speaking.


19) Censor of thought is expectation in energy. Pure urge lies beyond.


©\ڮ, Gv, P \nzvSz uh.


20) Selfishness has that wisdom which expects another to destroy himself for its own benefit.


Gv u Azx | _|zu ͺ G {ڨx _|.


21) u Cӯ \PzuU Pmk vu |i, EP ֮.


The world will progress when man is seized of the benefit of the new giving up the old.


22) Progress begins when the part recognises itself as part of the whole.


]ԯx uڨ u SvP AԢu Ӯ Esk.


23) Cynicism is due to lack of energy. It can create a vicious circle of lower energy and greater cynicism.


uu ]kg]Q. Ax u Azx AUSnzu zx.


24) He who has created a powerful organisation by advising everyone is one who is capable of founding an empire when he stops that advice.


EPzvSz uP si u \ siu ӸUSa \ FUSz



25) The poets perceptions live forever in human enjoyment. The yogis perceptions are lived in the lives of people.


£P UPPa \ uP . US {¸UPx. P¯ Pzv {US.

Q Au[P ]zv A ߣ.


26) GxĮ \ _ Cx Gߣx u {, u {.


Man is occupied physically or mentally. Not to be occupied so is not given to man. It is the condition of Divine Consciousness.


27) It requires a stouter heart to deny the help requested than to offer it.


Eu UP Pn AvP u.


28) He who advises everyone needs to know that he alone needs advice from all.


Ah zvv PmP si AUS zvv \.


29) You are the only person with whom you can be intimate.


|[Q P |g_ uµ .


30) Enjoyment is the sensation of the Being in its extension.


]i u Enx Bڢu.


31) When a work is done we understand how it is completed. Instead, we should feel gratitude. Gratitude is the understanding of the physical psychic of Gods action in Life.


|hUS | x PQ.

AuS vP | |ԲhP Czu u. Eh \zv Bsh \ku Ax |.


32) As long as one relies on words, others can lie to him.


\ ڮ | Akzu |h \.


33) When we start consecration, at so many deeper levels we have ideas. We do not know, for one who takes to consecration, that we have NO right to harbour ANY ideas.


\u Gsn G JԸUS \n G |.


34) \ UQP |QUS \ Ti |h .


He who relies on accomplishment may meet with failure or bankruptcy.



35) Relying on existence, one has no chance of failure.


\zvzv Bz |US |h u C.


36) Every one of the unique personal responses can be raised to their impersonal, universal status. In spite of the commonplace idea, the population will cherish them in their new venerable form.


u \ P° \, UP Av zv JU PmP.


37) True, it is the example that explains the argument. Only he who needs no example will do it.


Psn Pshx Pzuz uhx, v hx.


38) The Golden Light issues when the Supermind abridges itself into overmind.


\zv ¯ PhSx u[P J GQx.


39) The power of any plane that recognises the power of the higher plane, as thought recognising the value of Silence, is an evolutionary power.


zv Q AԲ Gsn \nPvUSx.


Think of the value of Silence.

Thought is the greatest energy of the vital.

Energising is the best of movements of the body.

Light is a higher understanding of Silence.

Absence of mental light is direct knowledge.

Cessation of knowing transfers intuition inside.


40) Suspicion is partial understanding that is partial.


SvP x uPP x \uP.


41) The final realisation of the yogi is to understand that he has NO work to do and no initiative is necessary on his behalf.


u گU Tiv G bzu \ Hأu i P ]zv.


42) Ideas do not move mountains, nor facts that are flat. What has life are facts that express ideas.


a_ Gkhx; \ \ Gkhx.

zu Ψkzx \ FU PUS.


43) Birth of democracy is the emergence of the physical individual. His recognition in the vital made 20th century that of the common man. He is emerging in the Mind now which is destroying jihad, its physical remnants.


A\ u Azux Eh.

E x \.

EQ Ah u US P Csk.


44) There are certain secrets which when given to a thousand persons will not go to the 1001st person because it is a true secrect.


| \v, AxĮ Es \v Au 1000 h \ 1001&x |US Ax Px.


45) People who combine Mother Estates and Beauty Land into Mother Land or Beauty Estates are those whose span of mental retention is two words. They try to combine 4 words into 2.


{ _[Q {Pa] ֮.


46) No work is more sacred than the consecration of that work.


G Eu Aua \u h Aua \n \x .


47) There is no other work than consecration. When consecration is complete God expects you not to do any work.


\n mk .

Ax zu .


48) One who is most concerned about public opinion is one who acts in utter disregard of it.


F US |k[S P \ x F AzvS | GvPa \k.


49) The child physically surrenders to the mother, the population vitally surrenders to the leadership and NOW it is the turn of the intellectuals to surrender mentally to Supermind.


SǢu, x UPξ EP \nPv AԲ. gb۲, Aβ, |zvPݮ C Au ߣ sk.


50) The resistance to mental knowledge is greater from the mental will than the vital.


AUS En h A Ev Gv.



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