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Administrator 14-08-2020 11:28 AM

The Life Divine - Tamil Online Meeting on 15 August 2020
Sri Karmayogi aspired to deliver The Life Divine, the message of Sri Aurobindo, to every household in the world. A series of web meetings on The Life Divine will be held on second and last Saturday every month. The meetings are governed by rules of conduct. Strict moderation is in place. There are no teachers, guides or instructors. Every participant is a student and a sahrdaya. In the meetings, four or five Life Divine students will speak on their understanding of the Life Divine and how they practice their understanding in their own life. The meetings will focus both on the theory and the practice. There will be a discussion and Question-Answer session from the end of this month (the second meeting) onwards.

The first meeting will be held on Sri Aurobindo's Birthday, 15 August 2020, though it is the third Saturday, through Zoom platform between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm in Tamil.

If you love to learn the Life Divine, you are welcome to join the meeting. If you have not already sent a request to join the meetings, please send a WhatsApp request to 9677422488 mentioning your name and place of residence. Zoom link will be posted on the WhatsApp Group at 6.15 pm.

Agenda for the First Meeting to be held in Tamil:
Date: 15 August 2020
Time: 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm
Platform: Zoom Online
Participants: WhatsApp Registered Members only

1. The Life Divine by Samarpanan
2. The Life Divine in my business by Ramesh Kumar
3. The Life Divine in my family by Latha
4. National Education by Samarpanan
5. The Life Divine and Health by Jayavelu
6. The Life Divine in Schools by Thilagam

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