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  • This is in essence an expansive quality, but the expansiveness of the person who has no energy for the act but only the desire.
  • Indulgence of another, even if it is their strength, is not desirable as it is not a creative positive act.
  • Indulgence is the expansion of form without the content. (Expansion of form without force is indulgence).
  • Indulgence of another's weakness is pure dissipation. This is worse than indulging one's own weakness as in another's case the sin is camouflaged.
  • By comparison indulgence is less pardonable than vanity which is a desire for value which one does not possess.
  • Indulgence is a sign that vital strength at its roots is damaged.
  • Indulgence is the counterpart of vanity at the vital plane. Vanity in the mind and indulgence in the vital are parallel faculties.
  • He who cannot "go out" for conquest, "goes in" for depletion of the weak reserves. Indulgence is the result.
  • Indulgence is ego's solicitude for falsehood.
  • To mistake indulgence for generosity is to mistake ego for the personality.
  • Indulgence is infectious in the sense once started man becomes an addict to it.

story | by Dr. Radut