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In-Flow Of Money



July 14,1974

Offering of ‘Prosperity' (a flower) to the pictures of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Keep the house clean, i.e. spic and span. Look for dust and dirt in places where they can conveniently accumulate. Paint walls and doors, etc. Wash dirty linen without keeping them for a day or two. Examine your personal cleanliness. There is always scope to increase the degree of cleanliness. However small, initiate such measures of cleanliness and maintain it.

Learn to keep books, furniture, vessels, effects in ORDER and once you do it, maintain it.

Eliminate scrupulously waste of water, electricity, money, oil, paper, soap, and every such article, such trivial article.

Bring down the loudness of conversation one degree lower and keep up that effort.

Return (or take every effort to return) every rupee you owe persons, institutions, etc.

Collect (or make every effort to collect) every rupee persons or institutions owe you.

If there is an obligation or a habit of periodically giving gifts to undeserving people, discontinue it.

Do not receive even a tiny bit of anything from anyone that is not due you. If there are things so received and it can be returned now, take steps to return them without offending persons or customs. (Eliminate from the mind such expectations).

If there is a habit of spending for reasons of vanity, suspend it totally.

Eliminate waste of time to the last minute.

Eliminate waste of energy to the last drop.

Eliminate waste of money to the last pie.

If you have lands cultivate them to the last cent.

If you are an employee work to the last minute.

If you are a housewife, utilize every particle.

Examine the present opportunities around you and move towards using them all.

If you have shirked any responsibility to anyone, try to discharge it now.

Make a token offering to Mother every month.

Keep account of your income and expenses and see they tally to the last pie. This is attention paid to money and money in response happily comes to you to receive further attention.

If there are articles like pens, clocks, umbrellas, etc. in bad repair, have them repaired at once.

story | by Dr. Radut