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132. St. Antony

Bob comes from a pious Christian family. His mother goes to church everyday. Her sister too follows her pattern of life. In planning their holidays they take care to visit places where there is a church of their denomination. During the non-working hours they read the prayer book. Bob came to India from USA and stayed here. It is an article of faith in the family that matters religious are not discussed at all, lest one should appear to comment on the ways of another. So, no one ever asks Bob about India, the Ashram he has joined, etc.

Bob studied The Life Divine for over ten years and tried to practise the new philosophy in business. He was so soaked in the new philosophy of his that he was inspired to write a story The Legend of Brahman which takes place in 3000 A.D.

Once he called his aunt on the phone and found her flustered as she had lost an important receipt. At an age of well over 80 she could not handle the situation and was bitter over the minor tragedy. After she finished her exuberance, Bob asked her to pray to Jesus, intensely concentrating behind the heart. It had never occurred to her to pray to restore the lost receipt. After 15 minutes she called to report that she found it and was thrilled by the new experience of prayer. After two or three such experiences she called Bob St. Antony, as it is he who restores the lost objects according to her faith. It is true St. Antony does it, but it is one's own faith that does it. Her own prayer spread all over the day had lost all life, as it was a matter of habit. Call it by whatever name, it is the Spirit that acts in our lives whatever the work we do.

story | by Dr. Radut