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States Of Consciousness In Yoga And Life


August 28, 1981

There is a state of sadhak when by his inner -- subconscious -- aspiration he becomes desirable to the Divine. From that moment all his movements are directed to the Divine, even the sinful movements. His inner aspiration has reached a point that inwardly he moves only towards the Divine and at this point and from then onwards there is no sin attaching to him, even if his thoughts and accompanying deeds are sinful. It is not as if the inner purity is so great that the outer impurity does not matter. The core, the inner, comes to a point of totally seeking the Divine, disregarding the social, moral, ethical molds which cover only certain accepted molds of goodness and Divinity [and thereby excluding certain other forms of Divine expression -- perhaps the more subtle] and thereby moving to a higher totality of aspiration. At this stage, a stage where the formal outer being endeavours to grow into an integral non-formal fuller being, the outer consciousness of man pricks him so heavily with a social conscience -- dead for him -- and the man is in distress little knowing that it is the moment of greatest fulfillment in the life of his soul --- of Ramalinga swamigal, verse 4136.

There is its opposite state of consciousness in which the inner core is steeped in darkness, sin, smallness and is ferociously organising itself at that level, all the formal, social, ethical righteousness and acts that issue out of him are ultimately sinful. At this stage he witnesses that at the end of a decade of duty, service, uprightness his whole life is punished, wiped out to his utter dismay and bewilderment.

The core and the surface remaining either way, this characteristic of apparent inversion can be localised in a period or activity of his. Such a local inversion is possible at a time the core is either pure or sinful.

Such a state is true of Life and Yoga and is heard in the common man's saying with respect to people in power, position or money -- "Whatever he does is right and whatever we do is wrong. After all, that is the world. Where is Dharma?"

(After a lady forced me to take her and I feel a victim, I sat dejected at my pitiable condition. God appeared and said, "Foolish child, nothing much is lost. Don't be dejected". Inspite of my lapse which he made light of, he happily accepted me.

To my further great surprise he ordered two very handsome maidens to come and entertain me to my heart's consent and THUS saved me from my sins! - 4136).


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story | by Dr. Radut