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Transition From Life To Mother


June 25, 1981

A book, a chance conservation, a problem, a planned visit or an invitation brings man to Mother. In whatever way one is drawn to HER, ultimately it is only because SHE has called him. The mode of arrival represents the mould of personality. Sri Aurobindo says that this yoga is not meant for all, the path is arduous and he likens the journey to a collective war on a considerable territory inside one. It is not for fame or even yogic siddhi (perfection) in oneself or knowledge or liberation one works here as it may be the case elsewhere. One does this yoga to fulfill the Divine Purpose on earth. He does so by dissolving his own ego, expanding into universality and invoking the Transcendent into the universal through his own liberated soul. Man's only yoga is to surrender his formed self and protruding ego. All those who have received Mother's invitation do not really end up doing Her yoga. By their own choice at each stage each person arrives at a certain position in relation to Mother and there he rests on his oars. The best become her children, nestling in Her arms with a child's confidence, really oblivious of the outer and the inner world. Others become disciples who have accepted her in all sincerity but do retain their faith in their capacities to take the effort called yoga. Some become devotees coming to HER whenever their devotion wells up. They bring HER all their life problems through their prayers. The rest become visitors who give their allegiance to Mother and relate to HER through admiration or adoration.

What a person wants, he himself does not know. What he deserves is left to the Divine. Between the highest Grace and the lowest practical possibility there are several stages which the individual is free to choose and mostly this choice is made by him unconsciously by the cumulative results of his actions at every stage. Giving full allowance to Man's ideal inspirations and practical propensities, the best attitude he can assume in the psychological circumstances of his life can be described as follows.

The deepest meditation, the rarest inspiration, transports of divine joy all last for a few days or a few hours after which he returns to the earthly reality on which he safely relies. His height of possibility must be fixed by those rare moments but he must begin at the reality he relies on. One in this situation may well resort to prayer, meditation, concentration, self-consecration, etc., as long as they well up from inside with life and energy. When they tend to level off, he may begin planning his future at the level possible for him without losing his common sense. Though one resorts to planning, it is better to have faith in Mother. Planning is resorted to as a means, as an instrument not as a thing in which one has ultimate faith. With FAITH only in MOTHER, one starts organising his life using common sense and planning as known to us. The key here is Faith is always in Mother and planning is used only as the best possible medium at the given time. Faith in Mother always brings in newer openings. As long as one does not get encrusted with his planning, as long as that initial planning does not turn into a fetter and stand in his way, he will be able to accept the fresher opportunity. Such openings do show in quick succession and in abundant measure. His part is to readily accept the incoming Grace with gratitude. Such an attitude permits the seeker to rise as high as the readiness of his nature permits, if not to the highest goal Mother can lift him to.

The most common mistake one is prone to is to believe his own ideas, opinions as Mother's direction from inside. Very few escape this pitfall. The easiest test is to ask oneself which of the two it is. Invariably something in him will give a mischievous smile from inside. If one wants to know, he can know it. If an additional test is called for Mother's directions come from a deep calm and in that process the being calms down further and even expands. One's own ideas give a satisfaction, a certain sharpness to the conviction and expresses or presses forward with energy.

When Mother is willing to take someone She mostly puts one on a probation of 3 to 6 months. After this period, SHE takes him. The very first work SHE gives him may be the work he hates or the work he came away from in disgust. SHE keeps him there as long as he resents and the moment he comes to accept it in his own mind, SHE moves him to another work where his inner growth can be facilitated. The rule is if a man likes a work, he must give it up; if he dislikes it, he must continue to do it till the dislike is overcome. Liking and disliking are to be overcome. Only as a sure field of such a test, work comes to man. The right attitude is to be detached from a work, for its own sake. Many SHE asks to go back and remain in the old situation for sometime more. The principle here is man cannot move away from a work till he has psychologically outgrown the need for that work. Whatever one feels or thinks of the work he is in, he is there because it is THE work he needs for the maximum in his growth at that time. In the light of this, I would suggest the seeker should return to his old post of duty - without preference - and remain there doing the work in consecration till Mother calls him.

From the moment one has chosen Mother, the most important attitude is to clearly separate one's preferences from Mother's inspiration and follow the latter to the best of his practical ability. Desire to fulfill his own ideas must give place to aspiration to fulfill Mother in his own being. Whatever he does, Wherever he begins, Faith must be in Mother and he must always happily come forward to give up the present-in-life in favour of the future-in-Mother. This is made eminently possible by a constant rich gratitude to HER for everything SHE is to him. The acid test that one is on the right path, has the right attitude is a native joy and irresistible cheerfulness in him which spreads to all.




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story | by Dr. Radut