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Accomplishment 2


                                                                                                            October 13, 1991

--          Each accomplishes what he fully aspires for.

--          His present accomplishment indicates his real level of aspiration.

--          A phenomenal level of accomplishment is possible for anyone with a phenomenal aspiration.

--          Accomplishments are physical, vital, mental, spiritual.

--          To accomplish something in a plane with capacities and values of that plane is normal and it issues horizontal growth.

--          All the arguments in the book 'Luck' apply to this context.

--          To accomplish something in a plane with capacities of a lower plane is very slow and painstaking; while to use the value of a higher plane is to accomplish quickly.

--          Human accomplishment starts from where the individual presently is  (in one of these planes) by virtue of birth and upbringing and proceeds horizontally and rises vertically when the horizontal plane is saturated.

--          One who knows how to extract the essence of experience in one plane instead of that plane saturating itself by experience, makes quicker headway.

--          Obviously the higher you are starting the better for you. But when you start, you must ensure the holes in the previous planes are quickly filled in and that is a prerequisite.

--          Mother's devotees have access to Mother's consciousness which is of the supramental plane, i.e. 4 planes above the mind. Therefore their advantage is obvious.

--          If only they know how to acquire the essences of the earlier planes through minimum experiences, they can achieve in the minimum period. There are instances of instant opening because of fullest inner opening to the highest plane.

--          The highest social plane is of the vital with a very little dose of the mind. So, devotees who have organised their  lives according to Mother, when their organisation is perfect, will soon find themselves in the topmost bracket of the society.

--          Acquiring ALL the levels of the values you are aspiring for, along with Mother's Force in appropriate means, entitles you to move into that level.

--          As it is a short cut, every aspect here must be PERFECT and does not admit of compromises. Compromises take a different route.

--          Politics and business are in the vital plane. To achieve these, one must be emotionally tuned in sufficient strength to the project. What others acquire through experience, we have to acquire through imaginative experience.

--          Suppose the project is a business of the highest level or a top political post, how do we move from where we are to these?

--          The VERY first condition is that everything in you, not 99%, must want it. Every part of your being should believe in its possibility. Doubt of any shade cancels the possibility. You should come forward to acquire ALL the social, mental, values of anyone who is now at that level. How soon you can do it and how thoroughly you can do so will decide the nature of the accomplishment.

--          If the wanting and belief are there in FULL measure and you are ready for the effort at all levels required, the work you now are in will offer all the opportunities to acquire the essence required.

--          Most important of them are:

                        ALL the negative attitudes to aspects of work must be

                        SHED at once. Organisation, knowledge, energy, skill at

                        physical level must be so perfect as to naturally lead you to

                        the vital and so on to the mental and further into the


                        What man in society accomplishes by his values we must

                        accomplish by Mother's values.

--          If your work shows signs of expanding at least in certain areas 10-fold or 100-fold it means you are poised for growth. Also the following are such indicators:

                        Elimination of a psychological knot from the physical work.

                        Willingness to dissolve the psychological deficiencies that

                        created present frustrations.

                        Presence of social, mental symptoms from the higher


                        Very smooth functioning of work that issues joy.

                        Progress, however slight, in adverse conditions.

                        Some HOPE inwardly that is not greed or mere desire.

                        Occasional presence of inner joy or peace or silence.

                        Willingness to look at things from a higher point of view.

                        Experience of the higher point of view. Eg. difficulty

                        becoming opportunity.

                        Mother's name coming to you on its own.

                        Urge for service.

                        Irresistible urge for expansion.


story | by Dr. Radut