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Accomplishment Note 1

1) Man's progress is determined by the family, society and the faith he has inwardly.

2) He can relate to that outer or inner environment either as a dependent or as a pioneer.  By dependent I mean one below the line, a small man; by pioneer, one who is above the line or a great man..

3) The outer environment in successive grades is the immediate family, the organisation he works for, the professional atmosphere, the social milieu. The inner environment is also successive skill (in all planes)*, capacity, talent, attitude, comprehension and motive.

4) In the outer as well as inner there are two ways of working. One, his reaching for help to avail of the force, the other, the constraint the Force outside imposes on him.

5) To reach out to the social opportunities is man's initiative. Society restraining him, when he strays from its path or when he outreaches its structure, is its constraint.

6) In the inner too these two phases are there a) one his drawing upon his own endowment, the other b) his own propensities constraining him.

7) Motives take shape striking a balance between these two. Therefore it is the ultimate lever.

8) Since the advent of Mother and Master, a new Force is there which is beyond the most powerful earthly forces. All our great goals are possible only for those who by their own scheme of things arrived at a point of inner aptitude and outer opportunities to avail of the social opening.

9) What one man has achieved in society is open to every other man, provided he puts up the maximum effort he is capable of.

10) As accomplishment, everything in his emotional ken is available to him. That which is outside his emotions are unavailable.

Practical realities as facts of life:

To find an illustration in our social life, an example from the society - is possible and that will explain what one has to do to reach his goal.

Tom Peters and Bill Gates:

We know both of them as great successes. Tom vibrates with an idea that the society is possessed by. Bill is at the front of a wave which is most readily received by the society. Both can be termed a phenomenal success, one in the plane of mind and the other in the plane of life. They can be justly described as instances that express the possibility of the finite turning into infinite. What is the principle behind this phenomenon?

Life in its onward journey arrives at explosive moments, rather moments of explosive growth. This growth can be in all planes. Idealism relates one's mind to this movement, or its mind. Skill can do so relating one to the physical results of this plane. Music, art, courage, etc. do it in the vital plane. Tom was one who passionately believed in the anti-establishment. At a time when the subconscious of the society was ready, his book made the link between him and the movement. Software creates explosions in the world of computer. Bill, by his skill, serves this wave.

* Both do so unconsciously.

* Both have the kernel of power to relate to the movement, but do not hesitate to be crude, boorish in one case and dishonest in the other.

* The element of adventure, capacity to court total risk make for their expansiveness.

* In the fields of commerce, war, education, politics and every other walk of life, such events have been there in a good number. Dozens of such individuals have attained fame.

* Both are, in terms of a whole individual, substandard personalities.

* They are the unconscious products of social success in moments of transition.

The chapter on 'Eternal and Individual' deals with the phenomenon of the Individual finding it difficult to reach complete realisation on earth and lists three reasons for it. 1) The essential difficulty is to concede that the Individual is eternal, 2) Taking the law of contradictions beyond a point, & 3) considering the universe as a creation of Time. Recasting it for social transition these three change into 1) It is difficult to concede that the Individual is far superior to the collective society, 2) His inability to see his opportunities as such and his capacity to conceive of them as difficulties and 3) considering his own life as the creation of Society.

For anyone to plug into the infinite opportunities, he must:

-- know he is superior to the entire society in essence,

-- know he is surrounded by infinite opportunities which now look to him as obstacles.

-- The society is his creation and not vice versa.

He who understands the import of this chapter and renders its ideas as above and is capable of BELIEVING it with conviction and emotion, if he is willing to rely exclusively on Her force to realise that, he has fulfilled all the conditions I need. It will work automatically then. If it does not, the missing links can be created by anyone with experience.

A fundamental doubt that always arises is, "I am an ordinary man, don't have the courage of Tom or adventure of Bill. They can do it. How can I?"

In a rapidly changing society, we witness a constantly recurring phenomenon of the least valuable people accomplishing the most cherished task. This is not by their ability or desert or innate something, it is their enormous effort to tune themselves to the requirements of the opportunity. The capacity that brings about the change is that of society, not his.

Again small men, picked up by great men, perform so. It goes to the credit of the great men. The entire Indian leadership in freedom were ordinary men who, picked up by Gandhi, rose to rule the country. Gandhiji meticulously created as they said "men out of dust." This is the title of a book written in those days.

Great men, royal families, a party, social change, opportune moments have performed the miracle of creating great men out of dust. Now we have Mother and Her Force. She awaits our call. Our part is to call, as you all say, plug into Her power. Be anxious to grow.

In many the desire NOT to grow will be embedded unconsciously, sometimes consciously. They do not come forward for this.

story | by Dr. Radut