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Accomplishment Note 2


March 5, 1997

   The theme is, man is small and finite. Many men are at the top of society and many more are successfully making for it. Those who are at the top are originally great or, if they are small, have inherited the results of greatness. About those who shoot up we certainly are aware that in them is a certain element of greatness, at least bigness. In spite of their other defects, this greatness or strength or energy is what makes them achieve. How is a small man who is not endowed with any of them to achieve? The answer is he cannot. No man can achieve great results, if there is no point of receptivity, at least one point. "Looking inside I do not find any and how am I going to accomplish?" is the Question.

There were centuries when some men could not have dreamed of a large income. In those days, there was not even one such man who accomplished on that level. That is the first fact I underlined. Now all those who can draw upon the society to avail of that support can make it. All that they need is the social skills and social attitudes. But the MOTIVE to avail of them, to rise as others rose remains the mainspring. Social skills and social attitudes are indispensable. This opportunity was open in the society only to the rare few, because so far, this phenomenon has occurred only unconsciously. Note when one tries consciously, i.e. when he seeks, he has always failed or if ever he has succeeded, he had made the success more and more difficult, the difficulty being in proportion to his initiative. It means the initiative to make such a success possible still was with the society.

   It was the society, for its own needs, which tried to pick one.    As one will do for its purpose, or a few, as soon as its purpose was over, the chance disappears. Also, as the initiative remains with the society, any initiative by the individual becomes impermissible, hence  cancelled.

With Mother's force in the atmosphere since 1958, the need to rise shifts from Society to the individual. This Force supports the individual. Hence every individual who tries, succeeds. The aim of this Force is to make every aspiring individual successful.

In the case of society, it is the need of the society. Society does the picking up. The individual is beside the point. He is only an instrument, an unconscious instrument. Unless the individual is chosen, he is helpless. Therefore the saying: the right man at the right place at the right time. Now the Force works on the individual. So every man who accepts this Force is the right man. His meeting the Force is the right place. The moment of his choice of the Force is the right  time.

 His requirements:

  He must be willing to accept the Force.

  He must be willing to give up his present social, psychological attitudes.

  He must be willing to rise.

This willingness is made possible by the knowledge (Ch. 3 Book II) that he is ETERNAL. That knowledge enables him to acquire the willingness. It is the turning point after which a Himalayan work of secondary nature awaits. It is to understand the opposites as opportunities and to know that he is the creator of his opportunities not the society his creator. Once these basic positions are there in full good measure unequivocally, then there is a great work in joy that generates joy and executes in joy. Work is there, no longer in drudgery. His part is to see that this is the path of the finite changing into infinite and he must believe in that possibility.

story | by Dr. Radut