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Accomplishment Note 3


March 27,1997

One can achieve a targeted income on two conditions.

1) Know all the negative impulses to that level of life and thoroughly eliminate them.

2) Take each one of similar impulses of our present life and carefully recast it into the mould appropriate to the higher level.

Other reasons for easily achieving the goal.

-- Today in USA people who took 5 or 10 years to save up a million find persons of their own description do so in a fraction of that period.

-- Money moves at a greater velocity than 14 years ago.

-- The plane of making money is moving away from the physical to the vital and mental. Hence it is far easier now.

The two principles at the outset of this message:

1) Avoid negative impulses: Normally we are tempted to list out those impulses and explain each. It would be frustrating because one may be left out and would do the mischief.

2) Transform lower into higher method: The same rule holds good here too. But, if you take the habits in two divisions of essentials and non-essentials, it is necessary that in essentials even the thought should be free. Thought may wander in non-essentials but not in essentials.

About a dozen events -- from both sides -- will clear up. Going through all the events of one's life for this purpose, one acquires the power of a psychological tool known as "No Failures in Life any more."

-- General discussion will achieve the results before long.

story | by Dr. Radut