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181. An Accomplishment Out of the Ordinary

Great men exude energy that charges others. One can aspire to be great and it is welcome. Many ordinary souls accomplish far above their levels. Each has fashioned a method for himself. Here I consider one of them.  There is a European belief that any aspiration comes to fulfillment in one year if one is able to formulate it in his mind on seeing a meteor falling. I often refer to that.

There is a Japanese story of a youth seeking a fencing master to learn the art. He was readily accepted and was asked to cook. While he was at it, the Master came behind him and hit him with a thick stick. He was given no lesson in fencing or any work other than cooking. The pupil was so alert for a year that he never received another blow, as he found the Master at his trick all the time. At the end of one year, the master benevolently called him and said, "Go into the world and be an excellent swordsman". To the baffled pupil he explained, "In fencing, NOT to he struck is important. Anyone can strike. I know you will never allow anyone to strike you." He later became as famous as his Master.

All successful men are alert and fresh. That energises them to accomplish. There is a GREAT spiritual truth behind the belief in the falling meteor. It is the capacity to be ever fresh. There are several unusual noises all the time such as slamming of a door, firing of a cracker, a rude shout, the chiming of a clock, a calling bell, etc. Make it a point NOT to start at these sounds. Let them not startle you. Behind the daily occupation of routine work, BE awake, alert or alive. Whenever any one of these unusual sounds arises, catch them before they give you a start. Putting yourself on such a constant alert, your Spirit will be almost on the surface, your energies will continue to be on the rise.

It is for you to fruitfully use these newfound energies directing them to become a force, organising them into power, offering them skills you possess so that the power yields tangible, palpable practically usable results. If you are presently suffering from any minor ailments, they will all vanish. You will  find yourself in a new environment which will offer you opportunities instead of the known problems that sail towards you from the atmosphere.

story | by Dr. Radut