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307. The Act Repeats

Every time it is used the rubber stamp faithfully repeats its original words. The ACT is a structure very much like the composed words in the press or on the rubber stamp. It can only repeat. It can repeat only when the occasion arises. A rubber stamp does not reproduce its words unless someone cares to use it. The act is the form - rupa - of the swabhava. It varies its details to suit the changed circumstances but the character of the act remains. A student was selected for his professional course. He left his place the day before. There was one train in one day. It was over-crowded. He decided to jump into an upper class compartment though the door was locked. It is then he remembered that twelve years earlier when he went to his interview to join the university there was such a crowd before the Vice-Chancellor's Office that he gained entry along with a dozen others bribing the peon with one rupee through a window.

Someone writing about Kashmir on how Pakistan sent her raiders into Kashmir said the tribals came from the very place from where Mohammed Ghazni  famed for his tenacity raided 17 times. The Act repeats. One can multiply instances from one's own life but what is the use of this knowledge. Knowledge is valuable by itself. It is worth knowing something. Of course knowledge becomes power when it is usable. The very fact one knows this rule relaxes the power of previous acts to repeat. When he is determined to overcome the nature of this physicality and get rid of this power of repetition, this knowledge helps.

Buying the very first property in his career,  someone paid Rs. 5850/- for a property which had no bidders when auctioned for 1200/- because he wanted a property unencumbered. Eight years later this act exactly repeated its character when he bought a second property. He was alerted. Five years later when he bought his biggest property, no trace of earlier debts was there. His knowledge helped him to overcome the irresistible power of repetition of an act. Not only acts repeat. Names also repeat. The character of the act - rasi - repeats. Occasionally the exact spot repeats; the fixed hour repeats. Repetition is the character of physicality. The earlier one gets rid of it the better.

story | by Dr. Radut