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316. Affluent House; Affectionate Home

One works himself to death to fill the house with affluence and opulence so that it will flower into an affectionate home.  This ideal is shipwrecked by the fact that there is a generation gap. The son often stands for exactly the opposite values on which his father built an empire. Either he walks out or loses interest in maintaining it. The wife is a factor, a central factor. She is unable to accept the line on which her husband grows. Friction spoils the affection at home. Separation puts an end to the man's hope. Blessed are those who are born into a family nurtured into affection and love. Culture, wealth, ideals and tradition do not always go together. If they do, it is great. It is God's GRACE.

We wish to get rid of poverty in the country. Is there nothing that could be done to make a family of strife into one of affection?  It is possible if one relies on the Spirit and is willing to work inwardly on himself to let the Spirit express in life. The principle here is the husband and wife are one WHOLE. He must come forward to accept her defects as a reflection of his own inner defects. It is a spiritual principle. The same is true of the wife. A fundamental psychological truth about the husband-wife relationship is there can be no quarrel between them. The desire to maintain the appearance of a quarrel is deep-seated. This is human perversity. One is willing to ruin his or her life for the fulfillment of this 'ideal.' At such moments, it is the astrologer one consults. When he says in certain cases that it is karma, the hope of reunion is lost forever.

Very rarely do benevolent circumstances prove the horoscope wrong. If one does not believe in karma and believes in the superior power of the spirit to neutralize karma, a distant dawn is sighted. Flower of harmony offered to God restores harmony. The psychological acceptance that the other person's defects are only the reflection of one's own inner insufficiency opens the first door to the Spirit to enter. Once there is a breakthrough and a first rapprochement is seen, then an enduring patience is called for. Shortly a new home will be born, sweeter than the one before the break. Its one characteristic is its sweetness will continue to grow until human affection changes into love divine. Even the highly developed individuality of man is fulfilled only in the home of which the wife is the centre.

story | by Dr. Radut