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Introduction to Ascent & Descent

Education is a system that abridges the entire past into a couple of decades for future generations. The system consciously does it. Suppose there is no such system as education, still the youth will be the beneficiary of the past achievements but it will be a slow process.

  • What is true of education is true in all other walks of life, thus highlighting the two important social values 1) system, 2) consciousness.
  • What education is to the field of knowledge the Theory of Social Development is for the progress of the entire society.
  • Education is, thus, a descent of the more developed part of the society on the less developed section.
  • This process is seen in varying measures in the field of religion, government, science, money, language, etc. We can call this as the descent of Mind on the body.
  • It is occurring in the subconscious of the society in the subtle plane.
  • Principles of Ascent and Descent and their particular expression in each field can be developed for action. In theory, each act is a new creative moment, where fresh energy becomes freshness in essence, while the basic essence is common to all society.

The Communist Manifesto called for the expropriation of the means of production by the proletarian dictatorship in 1848 to which Russia responded in 1917. Fear of communism, welfare state, enlightenment by education, 1929 Depression, Money becoming an instrument of social change, world wars, etc. made the entire world socialistic without another Russian Revolution.

  • What the Russian Revolution ‘achieved' for Russia, the right to strike, achieved in other countries, making each successful strike an equivalent to the Russian Revolution.

The physical Man replaces the spearhead of his labour by ascent by a thought process. Once Mind catches the idea of fast change, it tames the crudeness of the violent body by making it see the value of thought in action. His pugnacious vital is chastened replacing the battlefield by the negotiating table. In this section, we will develop rules applicable to each sector, if possible, to each situation, so that the highest benefit of this Theory is reaped, e.g..

  • The nuclear disarmament movement for 60 years has been going on a zigzag path. The application of this Theory can, in one stroke, cancel all the weapons.
  • We saw an unconscious application of this Theory in Ireland made the Irish Republic eschew terrorism by economic development.
  • About 5 to 10 million kids are at home in USA realising the value of home education instead of school education. As the system of education is a conscious process over the subconscious social process, self-education is a superior method for bright kids to school education.
  • In one essential sense, ‘Ascent and Descent' is the quintessence of this Theory. Its wider development remains to be seen.

story | by Dr. Radut