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137. Birth of Freedom in the Mind of Life

A 70 year old employee in an organisation of seven people refused to retire on his own. His employer, who knew the value of the employee, knew too well that he was a stumbling block to his own organisation. In view of a long friendship, he put off the dismissal for 7 years. Now he delivered the orders orally. The employee, having no other income or pension was devastated. In view of his age, he had no valid plea for continued service.

He knew of invoking the Spirit, but it was not working, as he was overwhelmed by depression. While he was on the point of giving up, he was advised to meet another person who had passed through the grind earlier. She narrated the visit of the court Amin with an auction notice and how by invoking the Spirit she made the Amin relent and grant her a few precious hours of respite. She explained how she mastered the amount in that time and emerged victorious. By this time he was spiritually energised. Returning to his employer, he found the oral order inoperative. He remained at his post for another 5 years, and celebrated his 75th birthday!

The lady who had this successful spiritual adventure later heard that in view of her successful invocation of the Spirit, the amount of auction - 4 1/2 times her salary - would later become her salary. That happened a year later, which the lady was unable to communicate to the old employee, as he had no further patience to listen after receiving a ray of hope.

The release of a wrongfully imprisoned person, a widow hearing the government announcement of pension for her, and the engineer receiving venture capital enjoy the energy of Freedom in their oppressed, dark lives. To know that the Spirit moving into one's Mind, better still into one's vital, will give him unconquerable energy is such a source of Freedom from the determinism of life. Hereafter he determines the outcome of his life, which is ever-present LUCK.

story | by Dr. Radut