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Book On Management


July 28, 2002

A Book on Management based directly on the Theory of Social Development, with Internet as the centre, Dwelling on Money, Energy, People, Organisation with a view to TOUCHING the Company at its nerve centre so that the Finite will reveal the Infinite.

  • We know the Society is all full of sensitive centres which open up simultaneously at times of revolutionary transition producing waves of upheavals. At those times, what opens up is ONE line of action from top to bottom.
  • Society is full of such lines of action along its productivity, security, enjoyment, dynamic movement, administration, trade, transport, culture, politics, education, etc.
  • War reveals that a society is capable of 50 or 10 times its normal effort. At such times, all threads of action become secondary and dormant and energies are released and organised along the lines of fighting in the front and supporting it from behind.
  • Theoretically, a society can open up on all the 30 or 100 lines of existence and can do so simultaneously which can enable it to reorganise itself as a society that will emerge in a thousand or ten thousand years.
  • Historians as well as students of history who are imaginatively familiar with the entire course of history in their emotions can know if they analyse in retrospect what happened between 1872 and 2002. Sri Aurobindo was born in 1872 and Mother in 1878 and they lived here till 1950 and 1973. They left their POWER in the subtle atmosphere to indirectly work as they never had an instrument. UNDP says in their report that in the 50 years after the war, the world has progressed more than she did in the previous 500 years.
  • Let us begin with the Internet and Computer. Suppose a company appreciates both (and let us assume there is no bitter resistance to them at any level) and agrees to put both these modern equipments to the fullest possible use, they will revolutionise it. The first revolution will be a total, bitter, resistance bordering on revolt at all levels besides formal appreciation. I have assumed this is absent. If this is true, the same response will be in the consultant who comes to such a job enthusiastically while he is implementing it. Let us assume an understanding consultant does it with appreciation of all facets.
  • The first thing that will happen will be a burst of energy several fold for the simple reason many many secrets will now be out.
  • The system is able to measure more of the performances. It is a rare tool which industries possess feebly today. Measurement is accomplishment.
  • This arrangement will put most people in contact with most others thus creating a cordial atmosphere unthought of.
  • All bureaucratic delays will be wiped out in one stroke. It has a double benefit. 1) Time is saved. Time is money. 2) Quick work satisfies all.
  • New types of communication hitherto not possible, will emerge.
  • If aimed at, this system will enable the least skilled person to acquire the highest skill available within the company. It can be extended to the industry.
  • The nation has progressed on fifty fronts over a hundred years. Some of them are education, information, technology, human rights, human relationships, marketing, human dignity, the other man's point of view, courage organised nationwide at a higher level expressing in every individual, knowledge of statistics, demography, scientific thinking, ORGANISATION, human potential, resourcefulness of the credit system, ways of prosperity, etc., etc.
  • A study will reveal that not on even one of these fronts has the company utilised a hundred percent of what is relevant to it directly in its daily existence. The study if done, will reveal the utilisation is 70% in technology, nil in organisation and the rest in any unedifying variation over the list.
  • If Internet and Computer are welcomed with wide open arms and not offered a fanatic resistance, it will help people avail of the skills on all these fronts in a measure that is double the present. There is no reason to stop anywhere. This much will multiply the performance a hundred-fold.
  • The full scope of this approach is to locate all the sources of energy that go into a company, trace than along their route of productive progress, receive them when they emerge as results. Those sources are mainly five but there are other innumerable little sources. Money, technology, people, organisation and market are the main ones. In theory, every contact of the company with the environment is a source of energy. Money, because it is quantifiable and visible, is the easiest to trace. You see before money disappears into materials, it does a lot of traveling. It becomes raw materials wages, stationery and a host of other things. Often it disappears at the first point; often it emerges as money itself. When it becomes material, we follow the material. The journey touches anywhere from as few as 5 or 6 to 500 or 600 points on the linear journey. Sideways everything touches everything on the way. Each point of contact is a centre of productive energy. Where money is concerned, it is counted, entered, receipted, bargained, suspected for its legal tender, errors are committed in the entries and forgotten or corrected. We see all these five main trends of energy and the multiple points of contact with the society create one stream and send it into the company. There are a few hundred such points where energy passes through or interacts. Common sense tells us what is RIGHT at each point. Rs. 500 received must be entered as 500, not as 400. A receipt is to be issued in duplicate, not a scribble on waste paper. At these few hundred points - let us say 250 - at least 20 errors or impermissible moves take place. In fact, if you count a frown on a clerk's face as wrong, there may be double 250 errors occurring. Assuming the company eliminates all wrong movements, it will explode with energy, activity, sales and profit. Internet and Computer can eliminate 75% of them.
  • Let us consider the functions that occur in the company. Let us consider the social institutions that impinge on the company. Their number is legion.
  • Management is to administer a decision into results.

- The decision is a will of the mind, put into words first translated as thought. The decision becoming a thought is done by the clarity of the mind. Thought is expressed in language. This often travels one step, sometimes a dozen steps. At each step it passes through an individual who has a personality which means he enriches the decision by his wider vision or warps it by his selfish narrowness. Both are not permissible. The decision is sometimes translated into an order, an executive order, sometimes into written or oral instruction. At the end, a worker receives it and translates the instruction into his skill as the right modification required.

- If you follow a decision through the stages or order and instruction, one may not recognise it when it impacts on the product.

  • A machine is a configuration in matter of a mental idea that is technology. Most machines are more delicately constructed than the men who run them. The gap between men and machine is proverbial on the work spot.
  • Mother tongue is used. Often it is casually used in an inadequate fashion for the work on hand. I shall avoid speaking of coarse language unfit for the work. A language exists at some levels.

- Perfect literary expression of classical writings.

- Cultured - linguistically cultured - appropriate language appropriate to the culture in this work.

- Academically exact language that expresses the ideas fully.

- Imperfect language immaterial to the office work that distorts the message written.

- Proper but inadequate language built on faulty expressions picked up at random.

- Imperfect, improper, inadequate, defecting language that hides the communication.

- Coarse language.

Language is powerful. Men, wherever they are, can be taught right, good language. At least they can move one step above in their standard. Internet can be of full use. Though language is not related to production, when its use is raised, the company will acquire a fresh energy and profits will look up, very much up, even double.

  • Language, machine, decision, money, energy, material all have ONE centre where they meet. Man has such a centre. Production too has one. The best management is one which locates all those centres harmoniously.
  • Suppose a company installs the Internet and goes in for all the software in the market that has any use, and then inspires the people to benefit by that, it will break into a boom. Then, the consultant can undertake a wider effort that is comprehensive. Should he succeed, the infinite will issue out of the finite.

story | by Dr. Radut