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135. Chanting of Om

About a hundred years ago, a group of artists in Paris began to evince interest in matters spiritual and occult. One of them proposed chanting OM. His chanting filled the air with great spiritual power.

Before the world war, a music performance was arranged in Bangalore in honour of a visiting military dignitary. At the end of the performance, the musician chanted 'Om Shanti'. The chief guest shouted 'Stop, Stop' and said he could not stand it. Om and Shanti were too much for his military nerves.

Chanted rightly, OM takes one to cosmic consciousness. What is right chanting? Obviously, the mere oral repetition unrelated to the inner spirit will only be a physical exercise. Cosmic consciousness cannot be seen from the surface mind from which we act. Below the surface mind exists the inner mind where the witness Purusha dwells. A door to Nirvana too opens there. It also opens on the subliminal mind where the psychic dwells.

Right chanting requires one to move to the inner mind. It is achieved either by concentration or consecration. When one silences the running thoughts, withdrawing into the present from the past, and discouraging the selfish egoistic attitudes, one is ready to increase his concentration to reach the Overmind. He must wait until he reaches there and his Soul is ready to take up the chanting. Chanting by the soul opens the cosmic consciousness where GOD is revealed in full splendour. It is realisation of God by one's own Soul.

If you are one who is interested in domestic life and righteous abundance in your own business, the life version of right chanting of OM can raise your company from three crore rupees turnover to thirty crores. To such a person, the right method can be explained with benefit.

story | by Dr. Radut