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129. Characteristics of the Psychic Determinism

The Psychic works through the human personality, social circumstances, psychological endowments but when the occasion demands, it acts in a fashion the society has not known. The presence of such an element carries the stamp of the Psychic. The most common experience of devotees is that in response to his personal particular need, the law changes in his favour and his prayer is answered through the changed law.

  • Another is the solution to our problem, which defies any known explanation.
  • Often it appears possible but is found nowhere in human experience.
  • When a man looks back on his 40 or 50 years of career, he will find the solution he had, has been only one such instance in his life or perhaps in all his experience of others. It retains its unique character.
  • The help comes, when it comes, from the head of the organisation, be it a state or national organisation.
  • It occurs through a change of heart in the enemy who is the source of trouble, a change diametrically opposite to his character.
  • A certain procedure or method which failed so far begins to yield the desired result.
  • The problem caused by the scarcity of a certain commodity is solved by the same commodity becoming surplus.
  • It emerges by the faculty of intuition.
  • By a certain reversal of an offending behaviour, the result comes.
  • It happens by the obstacle removing itself by changed circumstances.
  • When the results do come, the hand of the Psychic is revealed by the presence of excess of the result prayed for.

story | by Dr. Radut