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Computer program on Life Divine

January 25, 2002

The idea that is incomprehensible arises from the fact that there is gap between the reader and the consciousness of the writing. People take a long time to understand the book, even the arguments, not because the arguments are unintelligible, but because of this gap between the reader and the writer. It is possible to bridge the gap. Once bridged, Life Divine is like any other book logically offering its arguments, which can be computerized in a software program as they are doing with college textbooks.

The gap exists because the book gives an answer to the aspiring soul that is awake when he wants to evolve as part of the earth's evolution. The program cannot awaken anybody's soul, though it is not impossible. But it can pose the question which the reader does not have. It can definitely give him enough inspiration to bridge the gap between where he is and where the book is. It is there in the construction of the book. That is meant for people who have the intellectual curiosity to know about the origin and process of creation.

Science has no valid theories about it. Theologically, the program can give an exhaustive consideration to every existing theory. All of them reduce to the point that God makes man as a potter makes clay pots and breathes life into him. Sri Aurobindo dismisses this view in one sentence. We can invite the reader to consider Sri Aurobindo's hypothesis (p.303-4 explains it). From that point of view, if the construction of the book which is printed on the four fly leaves is explained in great detail as he has explained on 303-4, all fundamental questions in the human mind will be suddenly awake. Those questions are answered in the book.

The main ideas that are a bar to an understanding of the book are

  1. Process of creation - in which every stage is to be explained.
  2. Place of time and space in the scheme of things must be explained more than philosophically.
  3. The three powers used by the Absolute in creation-namely self-conception, self-limitation, self-absorption-as explained on p. 340-345 must be made clear.

If these three have been communicated, the major difficulties would have been half overcome.

  1. Then remains the question which he puts off to Book II, the significance of Knowledge and Ignorance.

Beyond this, the strategies that come into existence in involution and evolution present a formidable trouble even when explicitly explained. In most places he implied them. If the program makes the implicit explicit, explains the explicit through an illustration, all but a few difficulties will be overcome. 

The process in involution and evolution are in reverse, which he calls reversal of consciousness. It is quite logical that they should be in reverse. Unless explained in each individual case through an example or analogy, human comprehension in spite of high intelligence stumbles. If these ideas are incorporated in the program, overcoming these hurdles Life Divine can be programmed on the computer as a college textbook.


16-printed on the four fly

16-printed on the four fly leaves -Not sure what this means

Line Number 8 - a comma next

Line Number 8 - a comma next to the word question.

LIne 25 - a comma next to the word question.


story | by Dr. Radut