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109. Darsan in the Subtle Plane

Doctors used to say that it is not so much the disease that brings the patient to the doctor as the pain. People from the cooler climates spending long years in the tropics - in the army, navy, civil service, in quest of Spirit or in archeological research - develop in the later years skin cancer. When the affected part is in patches, it is removed by an operation.

One finds the same disease or a version of it developing in natives in the tropics. One young man had that misfortune especially because it was all over his body. Moreover, the fluid oozing from it was stinking and soiled the places he sat on. We do not know how long he suffered and what treatments he had undergone. His condition was pitiable. With an elder, he came to a centre where devotees invoke the Spirit.

There he heard about the experiences of others and was encouraged. He had no time to listen to others' experiences, nor had he any inclination in that direction. When he went home, he was trying his best to call Mother. There was some inner relief from the oppressive social complex. He continued it for a few days with some hope. One night he had a dream and saw Mother in the dream. She asked him to bathe in the sea. The dream was uplifting and he felt as if he was cured.

He believed the truth of the dream, not knowing it was Darsan in the subtle plane. He took a sea-bath a few times and with each bath, he saw with his own eyes the disease and its moist symptoms disappear, making his skin fresh in some patches. Continuous sea-bath cured him fully.

story | by Dr. Radut