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Laws of Development: Energy, Force, Power & Results


                                                                                                                September  22, 1999

It is our life-long axiom that energy becomes force by direction and power issues from force when it is organised. Skills yield results to the individual who avails of that power which is social power. How does energy rise? Physical energy rises from movement. Vital energy issues from interest. Mental energy is from curiosity to know. Each plane acting on the lower plane releases greater energy than what that plane can release. Mind's idea when accepted by the vital or physical releases such quantities of energy.

Can all these answer the question ‘From where does the first energy issue?' Sri Aurobindo says energy is existence and it is infinite. Existence is the first state and energy is inherent there. According to Him, matter is existence in involution. Matter - body - when it wants to exist releases the very first energy. We can further, ask how does it work? Existence is a will. The will of matter expresses as energy. If we stop philosophizing at this point, the will of the body is motive to live. For our purposes motive of the being is the source of all energy.

We know that the atom is in perpetual motion but it is not apparent to us. The motion of energy inside the atom is the immobile status of the matter. In that sense matter is the turning point where involution changes into evolution. That change needs a will. In society it is the potential unexpressed social will that holds in itself infinite motion. Our theme of development is only concerned about how that energy is to be converted into social benefits.

Energy in one plane becomes skill, capacity and talent. When moved to the next higher plane what is talent in one plane energises the next higher plane i.e. it becomes the energy there.

The highest faculty in one plane becomes the lowest faculty in the next higher plane.

In the descent the lowest faculty in one plane fully energises that next lower plane.

Organisation converts force into power. A mechanical organisation like a machine converts mechanical force into mechanical power. A social organisation converts social force into social power.

Machines generate mechanical power.

Systems generate organizational power.

Organisation create social power.

Results are produced by skills out of power. Capacity and talent also should do that.

Result producing skills.

Capacity produces greater results.

The greater results issue out of talents.

At each stage there are values. Values can be physical, vital, mental.

Omnipresent values

All pervasive values.

A wider ORGANISATION covers the entire energy flow from energy to results.

Organisation is a converter of energy into results.

story | by Dr. Radut