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Chapter 5d Levels of Attitudes


1)            Mental opinions, vital attitudes, physical motives are the instrument of these respective planes.

2)            Mental knowledge endorsed by mental emotion becomes opinions.

3)            Opinions accepted by the physical brain with its (decisions or) organisations become decisions.

4)            Mental opinions endorsed by the vital direction or vice versa become attitudes. Attitude is the direction to the person offered by the mind and vital together.

5)            There are as many attitudes as there are opinions and opinions are decided by the facts available. For every fact can issue an opinion.

6)            Opinions and attitudes are innumerable since every social type engenders an opinion as well as an attitude. Social types issue out of social situations that are innumerable.

7)            As social types decide the attitude, attitude in its turn decides the social achievement.

8)            Each of the nine levels, if split into 3 (mental, vital and physical) and subdivided into consciousness and substance, can still be given a further dimension of internal and external movements. Then we arrive at 108 levels. We can add more views like selfish and selfless; high and low, etc. which may make the levels endless.

9)            Each of these 108 levels, theoretically, can have an attitude of its own.

10)          Attitude properly belongs only to levels 4, 5 and 6 but can theoretically be there everywhere.

11)          In unconscious progress the external circumstances give us the attitude.

12)          In conscious growth, one can acquire an attitude and achieve the progress appropriate to it.

13)          Attitudes, conscious or unconscious, decide the available energy for accomplishment and hence the extent of accomplishment.

14)          Opinions likewise set the direction of accomplishment and determine its scope and effectivity.

15)          To draw a complete list of attitudes and examine their capacity to determine the accomplishment will cover the full ground of development.

16)          All that is said here will apply to motives too. Only that it will include the physical determinism.

17)          The level of an attitude is determined by the knowledge of the mind, the effectivity of the physical, its character as to selfishness, the available energy and every other thing that goes into it.

18)          There are as many levels of attitudes as there are social levels of accomplishment.

19)          A sample list of attitudes we witness in everyday life:

  I am always right.

  I am always wrong.

  I must take care of only my affairs.

  I can do anything.

  Anything that I embark upon will be a failure.

  For me to accomplish, I must act all by myself.

  How can one work without a partner?

  Work will certainly accomplish itself.

  Luck alone accomplishes.

  Accomplishment is only for those who have accomplished earlier.

  I must conform.

  To conform is to limit oneself.

  Everyone who comes to me wants something from me.

  If you come to me, you must empty your purse.

  To be resourceful is to be a resourceful liar.

  An emphatic statement will be believed by its emphasis.

  Even if I do not do the most important thing, the result will issue.

  Whatever I do for this project is the important thing.

  I am acceptable to anybody and to any post.

  My own knowledge is the most exalted on earth.

  What I know is the best for me.

  Someone should tell me what I should do.

  No one must tell me anything.

  I must be in the winning side.

  No insult from my people is an insult.

  I am infallible.

  I can always manage.

  What I do must be a success.

  Old is gold.

  Anything new is fresh high knowledge.

  An intelligent man will be a good man.

  Don't trust people of intelligence.

story | by Dr. Radut