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Chapter 6c Development Theory Level 3

August 2, 1996

1)    This is the physical mind, seated in the brain, centre of intellectuality, decision and determination above and below.

2)    Being physical, it is in direct relation with 6 & 9; being mind, it is in direct relation with 7.  Juxtaposed between 2 & 4, both influence it.

3)    This -- No. 3 -- is the organiser in Man. All the civilised ways have been built up only by 3.

4)    No. 7 organises physical movements, No. 1 organises pure ideas and No. 3 organises thought, the sensational facts that interpret themselves in the brain as thoughts.

5)    Its organisation consists in creating systems for action by coordination. The facts fed by the 5 senses are converted here into thought and then are coordinated. That coordination is thinking. To create a system out of those thoughts is intellectuality.

6)    For this reason, it rarely fails as its facts are empirical, not hypothetical. For the same reason, it cannot be creative as 1.

7)    No. 4 offers emotionally energised ‘facts' to No. 3.  No. 3 accepts the facts and rejects the emotional colouring. Action -- decision for action -- is born when emotion is shed. At a further stage, emotion can energise action.

8)    No. 7 organises physical movements while No. 3 organises sensational movements.

9)    No. 9 is physical existence or awareness. Similarly No. 3 is the existence of thought or mental awareness.

10)  No. 3 offers the physical basis for the poet and the philosopher.

11)  No. 3 is unemotional.

12)  As No. 7 generates skill out of movements, 3 creates thought out of sensational facts.

13)  Great administrators belong to 3.      

14)  HE says Ford had pragmatic intelligence. 3 is its seat.

15)  Executives of all types are those who have a developed No. 3.

16)  It loses its effectiveness when sentiment colours it.

17)  Thought is the product of sensation in the physical part of the mind.

18)  It is said mind is the function of brain. The function of brain produces not mind but thought.

19)  No. 4 is cunning. No. 3 takes its feed without that cunning.

20)  It is the seat of action because it moves No. 7 which acts.

story | by Dr. Radut