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Chapter 6e Development Theory Level 5

  • 5 is the pure vital, the vital of the vital plane.
  • Being vital, it is in touch with 2 and 8.
  • Naturally it is between 4 and 6 and therefore in powerful touch with both.
  • 5 is the seat of the courage of the heroic warrior, the artists, the poet of the second level or the middle level, the pure emotion untouched by the minds of either the vital plane or of the mental plane.
  • 5 energises the physical vital of 6 and gives it the greatest force of the person.
  • 5 is sensation in consciousness and sensitivity in substance.
  • Sensation is an organisation of responses of the five senses co-ordinated.
  • Sensation has energy but no power. Sensitivity has power of substance.
  • Six vitalises the physical energy of the person while 5 vitalises that energy of 6.
  • Its force and power come from its being pure energy.
  • As it is untouched by mind, so it is untouched by the faculties of mind such as memory or judgement or even imagination.
  • One is oblivious of the entire surroundings while at 5, because the surroundings come to one through observation or its memory.
  • Senses do not think through memory or observe through mind; they only sense.
  • When 5 was the highest height man had ever reached, he was in complete tune with Nature.
  • His faculties at that time were the faculties of senses, i.e. pugnacity, gregariousness, survival, self-preservation, etc.
  • The movement from the physical plane to the vital plane is vastly expansive in energy. A further movement of greater expansiveness is that of 5 over 6. Hence the greatest power of man is at 5, made possible by expansiveness of two levels.
  • Music is the form of sound; painting is the form of lines; courage is the force of form of pure energy in action. Hence 5 is their seat.
  • 8 energises 5 from below; 2 elevates it from above. From below it gets force, from above it gets direction.
  • Negatively 5 is the seat of fear, phobia, possession, especially obsessive possession, total lack of understanding, energy of superstition.
  • Sensation of 5 energises the natural physiological functions with energy, such as running in fear.

story | by Dr. Radut