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Chapter 6f Development Theory Level 6

August 24

1) Six is the physical part of the vital.

2) 3 is the physical part of the mental plane, seated in the brain.

3) 9 is the physical part of the physical seated in the body, the pure physical.

4) 3, 6 and 9 are in direct touch with each other, being the physical parts of various planes.

5) Also, 6 is in touch with 5 above and 7 below.

6) Six is the nerves, the central nervous system even as 3 is brain and 9 is body.

7) Six is the point at which the physical plane emerges into the vital plane. That we know releases enormous energy but is still of the physical character.

8) Ideas, opinions lodged here in 6 cannot be removed by a mental effort. It may succeed to some extent even at 4 since 4 is a mental part. It rarely passes on to 5, never to 6, as there is nothing of mind to receive or respond.

9) At times of riots, flood havoc etc. man puts aside his mind for all intents and purposes. At such times he acts mostly from 7 or 6.

10) Emotion and devotion are seated here in the consciousness and substance.

11) Devotion is strongest vitally at 5, but physically devotion reaches its maximum power only here.

12) Emotion at 4 will be coloured by emotional knowledge but here will be pure untouched by mind of any description.

13) The Tamil Saint Kannappan dug out his eyes to replace the bleeding eyes of Siva lingam because he is one who belongs to six.

14) Jean Valjean with his emotional sense of duty to his sister's kids lived centered in 6.

15) As 6 is the point where physical plane enters the vital plane and the only mental touch it so far has seen is the mental ability of 7 to learn the primary skills for existence, 6 remains pristine, pure and unspoiled by the crooked mind.

16) In the descent, 6 is to offer physical stability to the vital power of 5.

17) The warrior who is thus supported feels like a rock as it is the support of physical.

18) All the power of organisation of 3, in spite of its relationship with six does not reach 6 essentially as it knows not what organisation is.

19) It is open to the raw physical influence of 9 as it is of its type.

20) It is here that vital sensation and physical sensation interchange in the descent and ascent.

story | by Dr. Radut