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Chapter 6h Development Theory Level 8

August 31, 1996

1)    8 is the vital of the physical plane, the very first point where vitality is born in Man.

2)    This is the first stage where there is a part absolutely untouched by mind.

3)    8 is vital but is the vitality of the physical, not having any resemblance to vital energy, even as the wedding function in the poorest circumstances has the characteristic of the wedding without resembling any function.

4)    The vitality here is energy, not fully converted into sensation. If any sensation is there, it is the physical sensation.

5)    The sensations of 8 will have the newness to the individual which the neo-literate feels in the excitement of literacy.

6)    This is also the first seat that converts physicality into vital energy. The sense of wonder of the first recipient will characterise this conversion.

7)    What it receives from 5 and from 2 are of great interest to us. It is on a parallel to the effect on the bottom of the population by what the cream receives. It may be negligible but is significant.

8)    A study of these patterns is of great importance but we do not enter into these branches of expression here.

9)    Poetry even at this level is appealing to the population of that level. An old man composed a song on the spot and sang it at the thanksgiving function at Ramapuram.

10)  In the life of the warrior and the poet, either in his early life or in the previous generations, one can witness the presence of 8 without fail.

11)  8 is in indirect touch with 2 and 5, in direct touch with 7 and 9.

12)  Man at 8 is the unskilled, energetic, physical worker.

13)  The only endowment he has is the primitive physical energy which does not condemn him as a bulk of dead flesh.

14)  Superstition will be his religion.

15)  He may not have evolved to the extent of either questioning his superstition or fearing to lose it. What he has is his possession.

16)  To him, emotions are objects, concepts are invisible.

17)  Even to be a mercenary, he may not have faculties.

18)  Skills, emotions, ideas pass him as objects without his noticing them.

19)  Their sleep is unconscious, their dreams are of the subconscious.

20)  Even tree climbing is a skill that defies him.


story | by Dr. Radut