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Theory of Development as applied to Education


July 1, 1999 

  • Education is the most important social input (from the mind). If there is a way to assess how much education the society can absorb beneficially, to give that much would be the best. The money spent that way will be five or ten times the money spent directly on development. The World Bank says some ten per cent increase in efficiency in the bank is equal to $250 million or so. I am not sure of the percentage and millions. This is a fine way of calculation. World Bank will do well to calculate the highest percentage of GDP each country can beneficially spend on education.
  • The theory should be carefully studied from the point of view of education and a blue book should be developed.
  • All the latest principles of management must be used in educational management.
  • In development, man is the centre. In education, the child is the centre. There is another centre that is the teacher.
  • In earlier days, about 2000 years ago, poetry was education. Later, one subject after the other came in. Now we must freshly assess what new subjects are to be brought into education. For example, life education must be introduced.
  • The child or the student is not made to understand the social opportunities and the psychological opportunities in the society fully.
  • In development, organisation is the key. In education, the organisation inside the class that transmits knowledge from the teacher to the pupil is not given thought to. It is left to the teacher. A conscious organisation in the classroom can be created and it can be effective several times more.
  • Values are the determinants of development. What is the parallel in education? Education is mental. Therefore human values are the determinants in education.
  • We speak of unfailing success. What is it in education? What is the success here? The aim of education at the highest is to create a fine social individual. At the lowest, an individual who is a social success is the aim. Suppose we assess where the present system is, it can be vastly upgraded from this point of view.
  • An act is the unit of organisation. What is the act in education? The basic capacity of the student to accept the educational value as against his own inherited value is the act. Obedient children at home, learn in school to think and switch over to values of thinking. That shift is the area for the act.
  • Education must help the student to find the line in his own life. It must be able to help him cross over to the higher side.
  • Who is a pioneer in education? In a competitive class, he who refuses to compete is a pioneer. Make a list of such pioneers.
  • Who is a pioneer teacher?
  • To absorb from education as much as he can live in the society is the optimum the school must work out.


story | by Dr. Radut